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New Server (Needs Moderator)

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created 03/31/2016 9:09 pm by BlondeBryan
last reply 04/03/2016 5:21 pm
Im currently working on a new server/gaming community but im not to skilled in the technical stuff.Im looking for a mature person who can assist me in the technical parts of the server such as setting up a godaddy sub domain,writing permissions on permissions Ex and setting up plugins so they work properly.Im only interested in someone who has a legit skype and minecraft account and is experienced with running servers and working with godaddy,permissions Ex and bukkit.Please message me if your interested
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04/03/2016 5:21 pm
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Message me on skype asap !!

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03/31/2016 9:27 pm
Level 1 : New Network
Irl Name : Brayden
Age : 14
IGN : Echolophas
Skype : brayden.mathia
What position ? : Admin +

The simple reason for me wanting to be a part of this team is that I have a love for helping people. I miss doing this from past servers, and I have a great sense of accomplishment when someone that asks for my help has their problems resolved. To have happy players online only makes this server better. I believe I am qualified to be a Dev as I have a lot of past knowledge on how servers run as I have run my own server and have been a dev and manager on past servers before. My traits and qualities lead me to believe I would make a great Dev for this server.
Fairness - I am a fair person who is thoughtful & considerate of other players. I try to see other people’s point of view before reacting to situations so I can make correct judgments towards them.

Humorousness – I love to have a laugh with online players as this helps to relax them and makes the community more enjoyable and happier in general.

Trustworthiness - I am a person who can be trusted with responsibilities and can be relied on to fulfill tasks given to me, and to help maintain the server.

Confidence - I am confident when dealing with all ages of people and speak in a positive & inspiring manner to help players feel better about themselves. I am courteous to players and try to be friendly and happy while online. I try to be available to anyone that needs me so I may help them in any situation. I am a very sociable person that can make conversation with any one at any time.

Selflessness - I believe myself to be a selfless person, which means that I put others before myself and care for the needs of others all the time. When I leave school, I’d love to work as a student Councillor and help students with anything from a little problem to something as big as self-harm. I feel for anyone who has an issue, no matter how great or small. People around me, some close, and others not, have or do self-harm or have suicidal thoughts. It is a common thing in this generation and to try and put an end to their pain and suffering is something that really matters to me. I know I can’t be there for everyone, but I want to be looked up to, trusted and be reliable so that people can come to me with their troubles if needed, and give me the chance to help them to the best of my ability.
I started my moderating experiences on Cobblecraft, an SMP server. After a few months of playing, I was promoted to become 1 of 2 admins the server needed. Before long, the
“Head Admin” rank was developed by the owner as he wanted to award admin to 2 others, and he granted me this new rank of Head Admin. I was numerously placed as the temporary owner of the server while the owner was busy or on holidays.

The staff of Cobblecraft eventually ended up becoming "corrupt" in a way. They were a lot younger than I and wanted to focus more on fun and stupidity than being serious. I resigned because staff couldn’t see that blowing up that annoying person’s house was a bad idea. The staff didn’t have any understanding on how to run a server, and couldn’t tell the difference between right or wrong. After a month or 2, the owner of Cobblecraft invited me back as their “Coder”, a rank designed to deal with the technical issues of the server and to manage the plugins for them.

In between positions on Cobblecraft, I created and developed my own server named The Quantum Network. We were an Canadian hosted server with many different game types such as SMP, Creative and various PvP modes. After about 2-3 years of development, we held a small player base of 15-20 players daily. Due to Canadian hosting prices being unreasonably high, money became an issue and the server was closed on the 14th of September, 2015.

Some time whilst working with Cobblecraft, I applied to become a moderator on a server named Vast PvP. Vast was considered the Canadian Badlion, and held up to 80+ players daily. I was a frequent moderator on Vast and held my position for 6 months, before resigning. My experience with Vast has so far been my biggest in terms of managing players and helping, and has been a huge help in growing my passion for helping.

Through my work with servers in the past, I have gained a lot of knowledge on how plugins operate and how to manage them, how to manage a server, and even started learning JavaScript and Python 3 to become more involved. My time as a staff member on previous servers has also helped me to identify problems quicker, and to help resolve them immediately.
I believe my presence will benefit the server in a lot of ways. I communicate easily and in a meaningful and confident manner. I am reliable, dependable, responsible and would dedicate time to the server when possible to fulfil a position as a staff member. I think I would get along with both staff and players easily and would try my very best to help out at all times. I am respectful to others around me and to those in higher positions to me. I also have a part time job, which has helped my skills of teamwork and working in an environment as a staff member. I am also a great listener and can be trusted to help look after the server Network. I understand that moderators cannot always be available and can't monitor every word and action, but because I live in Canada, I can play often when other staff members are online. Being a part of the staff on the server would allow greater staff presence over more time zones, and thus help out players that do not regularly play at the same time as current staff. I also believe that my past experience would be an added benefit to the server.
Thank you for taking the time to read my application. I appreciate it a lot! ~Echolophas
03/31/2016 9:25 pm
Level 1 : New Network
i can help you with permission ex and the permisssion and prefixes and so on

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