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OP PIXELMON! (GymLeader Positions Available)

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created 05/31/2014 11:40 pm by CraftyCore
The Pixelmon World of OP Pixelmon

READ CAREFULLY! We are a Public OverPowered Pixelmon Server. We, has the creators of the server wanted to think of a new kind of Pixelmon and there it was at the light at the end of the Tunnel was OP Pixelmon! We have a friendly community and would love to grow it we have staff Team, and are looking to grow our staff team (Gymleaders) you can apply on the forums, we would love new staff. Please come and check us out we would love you to join our community and play along on our server. We have Enjin forums with Shop with loads of cool ranks and awesome in game perks.

Most FAQ: How is the Server Pixelmon OverPowered!
Answer: We have Increased The Spawn Rate of Legendaries And Shinnies By 1000!
But Since we did this, you are Limited on the Starters!

New Starters:
Bulbasaur, Squrtile, Charmander, Pikachu, and Eevee

WARNING: Once First joined You might Crash, and that is Normal for Pixelmon Servers, all you have to do is Relog and come back on!

Youtubers with at least 50 subs will be able to get Youtuber rank!
But Only if they make a video on the server and tweet the link to the Owner.

(Note: You have to come on the server before you can be accepted for a gym leader or staff position)

Meet The Owners:

Owner: Wolfvine
WolvineGaming's YouTube Channel:

Owner/Developer: JetemonMaster

Server Info:

Server IP:

Forum to apply: [url] [url][/url] [url]
Donate to server: [url] [url][/url] [url]

[b] (Also note: DON'T put Applications below they won't be read, only put any questions or concerns below!)[/b]
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