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Plugin Help Needed

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created 10/09/2019 7:12 pm by Freezetic
last reply 10/11/2019 11:13 am
Hello, I am from a loving Minecraft server community and we are really in need of a simple plugin. Unfortunately, we do not have a developer among us and I have looked everywhere online for a similar plugin to what we need but have had no luck.

I am just wondering if there's any developer out there with a few spare minutes who could code us this plugin, it would be greatly appreciated.

What we need to be done is a simple score tracking plugin basically with these few commands.

/points give/take <player> - this would be to give a player points or remove it

/points top - this would basically be a leaderboard to see the people with the most points

/points resetall - this would be to reset all peoples points, that way we are able to start everyone back at 0 when required.

/points reset <player> - this would be to reset just one players points

/points <player> - this would show how many points the specified player has

If someone could code this it would be so greatly appreciated by us as this would help us out significantly.

Our server is on version 1.12.2 and my discord is Dwimmer#6848 to contact me.

Thx <3
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1 reply

10/11/2019 11:13 am
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Hey man, add me on discord @ Giachetti#8145

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