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PokeMine Server [Need All Staff/ Mostly Builders]

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created 02/01/2017 8:32 pm by DaLemonKingMC
PokeMine is a new minecraft server for the pixelmon mod. It is a new and relaxed pixelmon environment and we need TONS of staff to make it all possible!

We currently are in GREAT NEED OF BUILDERS! We need people who will be able to make time everyday to make all of these great builds possible! We have special perks to all builders and special discord groups to make everything happen. If you ever wanted to be apart of great builds and build a portfolio, this is a great opportunity and you can't pass it up!

We are also in need of other staff such as moderators (with possible promotions to admin available), developers, youtubers, and gym-leaders!

Here are a couple traits we need from our staff on our server:

Commitment: We need the most dedicated staff that are going to stick with the server and not quit after a day. We currently had some staff demoted because of inactivity or lack there of and we can't afford to give people these powers if they can't be on. We are not accepting the busy plea! The owner are both in college, doing outside work, and have families to care for so we know what busy is.

Friendly: We need staff who will be respectful and friendly to our other staff and players.

Maturity: We don't deny anyone of any age, but we need people who will not abuse the job and power. We have kicked moderators off the server for abuse of power and we will take action when necessary.

Experience: We will take people even if you have no experience, but if you don't perform up to our needs, you will be fired.
Want to learn more about the server: Official PokeMine Website

I know pixelmon is a mod not familiar to some people, so visit the website and learn how to get pixelmon installed and how to connect to our server!

Ready to apply:


**Please DO NOT apply in the comments of this thread. We will not take applications in the thread. I personally do not work with the applications, the owner does, so please use the link above!

IP (Remember must be on pixelmon to work):


-DaLemonKing, Head-Developer of PokeMine
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