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Frazier65 started 06/14/2016 10:34 pm
Welcome to Populus Craft!

General Server info:
IP: play.populuscraft.com
Owner: TehFloosh (Ty)
Email: tehfloosh1@gmail.com
Server Email: populuscraftserver@gmail.com
Server Website: http://populuscraft.enjin.com/
Our server is now hosted by Exodus hoting. We use to be hosted by Ownage hosting
Link: https://exodushosting.net/
Our server is in version 1.10.1. We pride ourselves on our ability to update very quickly to new minecraft verisons, even with all of the custom plugins that our server holds. We are hosted by Exodus, in New York. Our server has been up since Feburary 2016.

Plugin Info:
Our server is a towny server. Towny is like factions, but more peaceful and requires players to work together and build the best towns and cities on the server.
Our server is also based on economy. You can get money from jobs, selling items in our shop, or from voting. We also have auction, which you can use to sell rare items to other players, and have them bid on prices. We also have silk spawners.
We use mcmmo. If you do not know what that is, please click this link:
Mcmmo adds various skills and new actions that players can do as they gain experience in each branch of the game. Like mining for example, the more you mine, the more levels you gain in that field. You are then able to do things like gain extra drops from ores, and being able to mine faster. There are many different fields like this.
We have 12 different ranks on the server. Each rank is earned by the more time you play on the server. For example, if you play for 6 hours, you get the Starter rank. Each rank gives you more permissions and commands.

Custom Plugins:
Our server dev josh has made a lot of custom plugins. He took mods, and made his own version of them into plugins so they can be used on the server. Josh is very good at what he does and we thank him. This makes it so players can have the fun of mods, but still on a survival server, without having to download the mod itself.
All server updates are announced on these threads:
http://populuscraft.enjin.com/forum/vie ... m/37613081

Custom plugins Josh has made:

- Custom enchants and sockets (35 enchants)
- fruit and other crops
-Heads to collect (75 total)
-Mob bosses and custom normal mobs
- randomly generated Dungeons
- Spells and Altars
- Lucky blocks
- A new world/Dimension called the Exile
- Added extra towny ranks
-Industrial update (In the works)

We hope you give our server a chance, if you decide to join us, we asure you will enjoy yourself. Have a great day!

-Populus Craft Staff
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