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nickvo937/11/12 2:11 pm
7/11/2012 5:52 pm
Hello i'm Nickvo the co-owner and builder of Trinitycraft,
our goal is to give players the best pvp/survival experience possible

McMMo , Factions , varius anti-xray/hack plugins (and a custom one i made myself ) , Nolagg Iconomy (adminshops , in the future) , mobarena(in the future) , combattag (pvploggers) & some essential plugins ,
combined with 3GB of ram , 200MBps uplink and 32 slots we believe we can achieve that

we want to provide a LEGIT server, were everybody plays fair&square, where the staff helps you have fun, not the other way round

staff members abusing theyre power in any form of way will lose theyre rank or even get banned, this includes drop-party's, making bedrock bases, killing people,
(only me & the owner can go into creative mode / spawn items)

Donations will not give unfair benefits to players
( we will try to make every 1$ donated represent 1h wurth of gathering resources)

We predict our offical opening to be in a day or 3 (website, some configs & builds need to be done)

Why can u pre-join the server?
We'd like you're opinion on certain things , in return u get a head start on some other people with building ur base / mcmmolevels

So come and join on:
IP: fr10.mooshroom.net:25631
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07/11/2012 5:52 pm
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