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created 07/06/2019 11:55 am by Rage_YouTube history

The server is not open to public, meaning it is whitelisted and you can not join. The only way of joining is signing up for a rank, provided below, and becoming part of the Staff team. This is a closed project and will be until November, our planned release date.

Note that recruitment is not a freelancer thing, we are looking for only volunteers at the moment.

Here at Ethereal, we want to offer the most unique experience you will have as you play on our server. Our goal is to have a custom and unique play style and game style different from any other server out there.

With custom coded plugins, to premium plugins we offer the best of quality experience you will find with designated staff members, a hard working developer team and most importantly builders. We are looking for volunteers who are willing to join us in making this project successful and to truly make it unique. If you're interested in joining, visit our Discord server with the link provided below.

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Level 2 : Apprentice Network

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