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created 04/18/2015 10:39 am by MiddayFuryMC
last reply 07/03/2015 2:36 pm

What is Miracle Realms?

Miracle Realms is a brand new Minecraft server network that is going to offer lots of different game-play experiences such as survival, factions, creative, prison, custom and traditional minigames, and so much more.

Why does Miracle Realms exist?

Miracle Realms has one primary mission, as well as a few smaller ones. This mission is to provide an extraordinary community for players to enjoy and call home. We aim to do this by providing enjoyable content, having a top-notch staff who is always there for the players, and donating money to real life charities.

Why join Miracle Realms?

Miracle Realms may seem like every other network, and truth is we will be very similar to a lot of them, but here is how we may differ from a lot of them. Like it was previously mentioned, we will be donating money to different charities, whenever possible. This is so that we can make a contribution to society in a helpful manner, and not focus on ourselves. It will take time, as we need to grow, but as soon as we can, the staff will be choosing a "Charity of the Month" every month for us to donate the extra funds we do not need to, so no money is pocketed...Ever. As well as the charity helping, we will also be heavily dependent on the community's opinion for growth. This means, we will be having polls whenever we can expand to get a majority vote on what server we will put up next.

Staff Recruitment
We offer a vast array of different staff positions from the typical Moderators and Administrators, to the skilled positions such as plugin developers and graphic design artists. The full staff tree is posted on our forums at and you are free to view it whenever you please.

The application for staff is also on our website at if you are interested in applying for a staff position. We do ask that you please view our forums and read the "Before the Application" post at and view the "After the Application" at after you submit your application.

About the Website
Here at Miracle Realms, we currently use Enjin as our website and forums provider. We do not wish to stay on Enjin for any longer than we absolutely must. We are actively trying to find web developers so that we can have a custom made website for you all to enjoy. Our website can be accessed at and is open to everyone and anyone who is interested in being a part of the Miracle Realms community. All you have to do is create an account and join the website, and you are in!

Thank you so much for reading our Planet Minecraft forum thread, and I hope you can give us a chance to defy your expectation.

My name is Midday_Fury, and I am the Owner of Miracle Realms.

Have an excellent day everybody, and remember the day is always brightest when it is Midday.
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07/03/2015 2:36 pm
Level 3 Apprentice Miner
Hello There, I am Matthew Contay and I am 16 years old and I heard you wanted staff on your server. That's Great because I would be the perfect staff member for your server. If you are interested then please read ahead!
I garuntee at the end of reading this you too will see that I am perfedct staff material!
I Will be applying for the positions Admin,Head Admin, Or Co-owner, this will be determined by what staff you need for this server.
Alright allow me to get started with this application.

I Will be applying for the positions Admin,Head Admin, Or Co-owner, this will be determined by what staff you need for this server.
Alright allow me to get started with this application.

First off I m a terrific Builder! I specialize in Nordic Medieval, I have built many things for many servers. I have helped out with server and planetminecraft competitions. Anything you want I can build!

Second Off, I am Great With Plugins from Bukkit. I know all commands for plugins from WorldEdit To GroupManager/PEX and Multiverse and More! I would be happy to help anyone if they had this predicament. I am very experienced with these plugins and more![/color]

I have experience. I have been staff on numerous past servers. I have been Helper to Head Co owner (I know who in the right mind makes a "Head Co owner" Rak?) Needless to say I have had many experiences on how a server works and I have learned, in my Staff experience Discipline and Maturity. I have played Multiplayer Minecraft since I was 10 Years old (I am 16 Years Old Now). I know all the guidlines for being staff and know that I will follow them perfectly.

I am respectful. I will treat everyone on this server with Respect and Kindness And Genuine Good feelings. I will Respect everyone, Staff, Guest, Member, Donater, everyone as long as they treat me in the same way. No respect gets you No respect, Thats the way I Work.

I am nice. And yes, dont get me wrong I know you might hear that alot but I am. I truly am A genuinly Nice and Kind Person and I will be nice to everyone on the server and hopefully make friends with them.

Going from My last statement I will not Bully anyone. will treat everyone with Respect if they treat me the same. I will not grief,Troll,Raid,Tease,Ban,Mute,Kick,Jail, or TempBan anyone for no reason. Overall I will not abuse my powers for no reason.

I am trustworthy. If you tell me something to do, a job, an order, I will do it and I will do it right and I will do it right the first time and I will do it better than you expected.

I will keep everything fair, meanig I will not give out items in GM1 if not told to do so by a Higher staff member

I will be an active member to this server and I will be on 2-3 hours a day every day for the whole week, except if I am hanging out with my friends, I do have a social life.... barely.
Anywho thank you for reading my application and I look foward to working with you and the other staff members, thank you and have a great day!

P.S My skype is Zhen_8930
Matthew Contay

P.P.S I live on the west coast of America
06/06/2015 4:14 am
Level 1 New Miner
I applied on your forums yesterday!
06/07/2015 10:38 am
Level 1 New Network
It is to my understanding that your application was accepted, congratulations.
06/09/2015 8:34 am
Level 4 Apprentice Miner
Hey man, I'd love to help on your server! I will pm you my skype!
06/09/2015 4:04 pm
Level 1 New Network
Sounds great! My skype is middayfurymc if you do not have it!
06/05/2015 7:21 am
Level 1 New Miner
Hey Owners Or Staff Of Servers This Is My Apply For A Dev Rank On Your Server
1. Personality
I'm Walid My IGN Is WalidVilla I'm 14
I Have School I Don't Have Much Time To Play MC But I Will Fix It If I Have A Good Rank i'm From Belgium And I Speak Dutch-Frensh-English-Arab My Gramar Is A Little Bad Sorry Contact Me With Email @[email protected]
2. What Can I Do For Community
I Can Help People That Need Help I Can Build And.I Can Give People (Group) Possible Commands I Can Help Staffs With (Group) Possible Commands
3. Experience
I Can Build. Help People, With Commands, . .....
I Have Experience Because I Played On Same Server As This And I Know What To Do!
- Group Manager (Mastered)
- Essentials (Mastered)
- Compass Navigation (Mastered)
- PerWorldPlugins (Mastered)
- World Edit (Mastered)
- World Guard (Mastered)
- Mini-Game Plugins (Associated With Some Mini-Game Plugins, But Can Easily Learn)
- PermissionEX (Associated)
I Know Much More, This is Just A Preview.
What commands would you use as an Head-Admin:
- /tp = This Command Teleports You To The Player That You Exchange With Or Virse Versa
- /ban = Bans The Account Of The User
- /banip = Bans The Ip Of The User So They Cant Come Back
- /kick = To Kick Players Out Of The Server
- /say = Talk Like A Server Announcement, Or Speak From The Console
- /deop = De-Ops A Player
- /mute = Mutes A Player
- /who = Shows The Current People In The Server
I Know Much More, This is Just A Preview.
How would you deal with:
A Griefer: It Would Depend On The Server Rules. I Personally Would Warn Him That If He Does it Again, I Will Either Temporary Ban Him Or Jail Him. And Then Il Tell The Victim How To Better Protect His Land.
A Spammer: I Would Verbally Tell Him To Stop Spaming. If He Continues, I Would Mute Him For 30-40 Minutes. If He Keeps Spaming I Would Temporary Ban Him For 2 Hours.
A Player Who Just Join The Server For The First Time: I Would Welcome Him And Give Him A Tour Of The Whole Server And Then give Him A Small Present To Enjoy His Stay.
A Person Who Says They Are From Planet Minecraft: I Would Just Ignore The Person.
What Rules Do You Think A Server Should Have:
- Do Not Advertise
- No Hacked Clients
- Don't Spam
06/05/2015 11:02 pm
Level 1 New Network
Going to be discussing your application with my staff!
06/04/2015 1:56 am
Level 4 Apprentice Miner
hello i have a question do i have to apply again or is the app that u saw was good enough?
06/04/2015 11:20 pm
Level 1 New Network
I am not sure as to what application you are referring to.
06/03/2015 8:58 pm
Level 2 Apprentice Miner
Hello my name is Michael a.k.a TheRealICT on youtube and I was wondering if I would be able to assist the server by making a cool promo video for the server. I have skills in editing and photoshop and you can see examples of them on my youtube, I currently don't have many videos because I was posting on another channel before but I wanted to create a new name which is why I have a lack of videos. Anyways feel free to pm me if you would like any further details of what I can offer in terms of video promotion and GFX creation. Thank you for reading and I hope we can work together in the near future
06/05/2015 11:01 pm
Level 1 New Network
Private messaged you!
06/03/2015 8:39 pm
Level 5 Apprentice Crafter
I'm currently looking to be staff on a good server it doesn't have to be huge maybe a steady ten to fifteen players. I'm doing an application like this because I like my own format of my apps. :

Cameron But, i prefer to addressed by my In Game Name, if possible.


United States of America.


I am 14 years of age



Minecraft Username:

Which Server:
Any server in which I would be needed. If I were to choose it would be something along faction type.
#1: What qualities, assets, knowledge, or other reasons should you be accepted to hold the position of staff?
Why are you applying for said position in staff?

For those who apply on any server, they think that this is the hardest part of the application, and should take it brutally seriously. As for me, I think of it as a way to express myself. I am a mature individual who is always looking for a chance to help others. Whether it's telling them about the server, or dealing with a hacker, I am always willing to help honestly, and respectfully. I have the utmost sympathy for everyone I meet, and I would never disrespect a player. When Iā€™m staff, I don't just help people, but I talk to people, and get to know them. Regarding that, I don't just treat people as someone Iā€™m helping,but as my friend. Being staff on The Server will not only enhance my experience, but it will allow me to meet new people, and have the best experience possible. Throughout my time here playing Minecraft, I noticed that there are a lot of hackers. Though it cannot be stopped, that doesn't mean we shouldn't try! It hurts me every time I have to ban someone, especially if they have donated to the server, but that doesn't mean that I will let someone get away for disregarding the rules. After every ban, I hope to see an appeal coming shortly after. Doing the dirty work is not the whole reason I am applying for Staff. integrity and lenience are what i believe to be "key qualities" when applying for staff. Integrity, because it means that you're an honest and honorable person, lenience because punishing people based on grudges you hold against them is not an appropriate way of moderating.

#2: Are you currently staff on another server outside of The server?
Applying for Staff on another server besides The server?
If you are staff / applying for staff elsewhere, how do you plan to divide your time between servers?
Are the given estimates for only The server?, or is it divided between all?

A: I am currently a Staff member on one server.
B: If I am to be accepted, I would considerably lower the amount of applications I currently make.
C: My time decided on each server will be 2/3 hours a day.
D: Between all.

#3: Have you ever been banned or similar on other servers outside The server? What about on the Network?
If so, why?

I have never been banned on any network.

#4: What are two improvements you yourself can bring to The server?
Can you elaborate?

Staff Management - I am extremely interested in Staff Management, and would love to learn, and hopefully apply Staff Management to help Mineplex.

Chat Moderation - It is a MUST HAVE for any server to have superb chat moderation. Chat Moderation consists of maturity, and responsibility. This frequently falls to abuse of authority, and that is why I am applying today.

Maturity - Maturity does not only consist of professionalism, but efficiency, calmness, sympathy, & kindness. You can be professional, and still have a kind attitude towards others, which I feel some people forget.

Laughter - Yes, every staff member needs to be mature, but along with maturity we all need laughter here and there! I am an extremely funny guy, and I am 100% sure that I can make people laugh, and make their Minecraft experience better!

People (Friends) - With, or without a staff rank, I will most defiantly invite everybody I know, to come and have a great time on the Server.

A New Staff member - Yes, I am referring to myself! If I am accepted, you gain a new and experienced member of Staff.

#5: If you were in a situation you are not suited/capable of resolving, what would you do?
Beyond simply calling for other staff.. What would you personally do?

I would first try to resolve the situation by using my authority over them. If that fails, I would instantly take screenshots, and send it to a higher member of staff.

#7: Will you be active on the The server Forums? Active as in helping in shoutbox, answering questions in threads and alerting us to threads that require our attention?
Give numeric time estimates if possible.

Of course I would. I love interacting with people Via forums.

#7: How many days on average per week are you on the server? Not total time.

I would say roughly 2/3 hours a day. Which can add up to about 18 hours a week.

#8: How many hours on average on you on per day? Generally in one session; if time differs based on day, state the differences.

I would play around 2/3 hours a day.

#9: Will you be paying attention to both in-game chatter, events etc. while on the The sever website, and by which we mean, paying attention to shoutbox and threads at the same time?
Indeed! Chat moderation is almost a hobby to me, and would love to apply my skills to the Server.

#10: Do you have any software and/or device to record hackers, incidents, glitches, bugs etc. for internal, ban, bug, etc. reports on forums?

Yes. I can be recording a hacker within seconds.

Thank you for reading this and I look forward to your replies.
04/22/2015 12:31 pm
Level 1 New Network
@coonorlovesmiine I am sorry for the late response, although we have already talked and you are a part of our staff team. Just wanted to get back to you on here.
04/19/2015 3:25 pm
Level 6 Apprentice Network
Connor R.

Hey guys, my name is Connor and I have a lot of experience staffing on other Servers. I have owned 2 servers of My Own ( BurstCraft and DripCraft) one of which is presently running. I Know a MAJOR amount of useful, fun, essential, and plain awesome plugins. I know that a large portion of players on my server currently running enjoy me as an owner and they know that I take suggestions. Being an operator, I know how hard getting to the bottom of a story is but I also find it a challenge, and I have been a part a lot of communities, thus I have matured and learned a lot from them. I understand what punishments should be distributed based on the offense. I showed the qualities required to be a helper on other servers (not directly but as an admin, mod, and owner) . I have watched players come and go and I, most certainly, will work my heart out to keep players on the server.I love to help out servers new or old! In addition, making sure work is getting done is my craft, and I possess many skills that help me achieve these goals. My forte is Staff/Server management, but I am also a fair builder, I know a good amount of about permissions(Semi coder), I can set up enjin sites (maybe even a non enjin?) very well, and I am very adept at solving problems between players. I assure you that if you accept me, you will not be let down. I am currently owning a server that has around 15 dedicated players. To add to the experience, I have been an administrator on 2 servers, one being and another being My heart was broken when the "l33t" lost its community. In addition, my moderation experience (moderator) is another aspect of my minecraft "career" that I believe you and your team should look at in my application, for I have been, and still am on some that are still up, a staff position ranging from the simplest of helpers to the authenticity of admin and moderator. In my mind patrolling a server and making sure everyone is doing what they are asked, and having fun, is joyous in its own way!

Skype: Connor Rozzi
IGN: coonor
Email: [email protected]
Age: 23
04/19/2015 3:22 pm
Level 1 New Network
We are still looking for staff!




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