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Image Help!!

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created 02/02/2019 7:23 am by NateIronLegend24
last reply 02/02/2019 8:47 am
How do you post a image like a gif. I was trying to put a gif I created and is in one of my folders of the PC. but everything I tried did not work. I tried putting it in google docs and using the link and I tried writing the location to the file in source. both did not work so what do I do? and what does Source means anyways?
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02/02/2019 8:47 am
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Hope this helps!

Normally I use imgur to post my images, after adding them it'll give you a selection of links. Simply copy and paste the links (you might have to try a few of the ones it gives you, I don't remember exactly which one it is) into the source section.

It should appear in the draft; If not, I suggest trying the links you didn't try

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