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What do you think of my skins?

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created 10/20/2019 4:03 pm by Austin
last reply 10/21/2019 2:37 pm
I've uploaded a few skins on here which I personally like but I don't feel like they get enough attention. What could I do differently?
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Level 5 : Apprentice Explorer

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4 replies

10/21/2019 2:37 pm
Level 53 : Grandmaster Grump
I feel what you could do differently actually doesn't have much to do with your skins' quality. The skins themselves are well-done. Your chosen colors are largely muted-- but coordinated well-- and you can immediately tell what all your skins are. You've also done a good job with simple shading.

Where you could do something differently is your presence on our site if you want your content to get more attention. Posting regular comments, joining contests, and chatting with others in chat or the forum are great ways to get involved. Involved people get more attention when they post good work.
10/21/2019 12:44 pm
Level 2 : Apprentice Miner
Your skins are very nice! I like the color choices and overall look to them. The only criticism I have is maybe try some new methods of shading or trying new styles for things, just let your skins 'evolve' so to speak. Like trying new hair shading or clothing methods. Also, try to have skins people are more likely to wear. I really like your skins, though, and im sure you will gain more attention with the correct audience as time goes on. Good luck! ♥ -Ves
10/21/2019 12:22 pm
Level 42 : Master Strawberry
Your skins look nice! They’re shaded well and have nice colours. You could possibly get some more attention if you start doing things that are more outlandish; try and experiment. You may also get some more attention to them by entering contests. Here is the community event calendar, where most of the community events are listed. There are plenty of skin making events there!
10/21/2019 6:19 am
Level 5 : Apprentice Archer
I think your skins look great. They are nicely detailed and have very soft colours. I think if you just give it some time and keep producing skins you'll soon see a steady increase in attention, as people follow your work.

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