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We hit a total of 507 entries in the Nature Walk Event! We saw many species of birds, mushrooms, clever uses of mobs to re-create different animals like raccoons. There were several photography and art blogs with beautiful captures of nature. We also saw poems, short stories, data packs and MORE! We want to thank everyone for such a successful event!

Care to join us on a lovely walk through Nature? As with any guided tour, you'll learn some fun facts along the way! So lace up those hiking boots, grab those binoculars and zip up your jacket, we're about to take a wonderful trek through the virtual outdoors!


This season's new PMC pet was Clover the Rabbit! Of course you may have seen Peepers popping around, too - they were last year's pet but we brought them back just in case you missed them previously! You have to find each Peeper individually - there are a total of 3!

4,060 members found Clover, while 2,784 found at least one Peeper! That's a lot of hoppin and poppin!

More fun Peeper stats: 2,067 found just one 379 found two, and 338 found ALL THREE Peeps this year!

... oop! We spy our first critter, check it out, it's a hare to your right!

Hare Minecraft Skin
Hare by DinowCookie

Did you know: Hares and rabbits are not the same? Hares tend to be larger than rabbits, with longer hind legs and longer ears with black markings? Hares fur also changes color according to the season (brown in spring, white in winter!), unlike rabbits whose fur stays the same color year-round!

The key ingredient to any successful nature walk is the outdoors! A place to roam, a trail to walk. A place to take in some fresh air and listen to birds chirp and hear the wind weave through the trees.

Some members created beautiful terrain for us to take a trek on! We're talking gorgeous masterpieces like Spring Calm by Deltadromeo that features a mountain where there still are some signs of Winter. We're going to opt for a path at the base, where it looks a bit warmer but re-visit the mountain for a hike when the snow melts away.

New Zealand Realistic Terrain Project is an 8k x 8k map by Blueprint Server immerses you by "incorporating its' vast terrain into environmentally integrated infrastructure and architecture."

The map is based on real-life New Zealand and includes Central Otago Mountains a Planned area in the valley of Queenstown, Half of Lake Wakatipu, Coronet Peak area, a piece of research facility and more.

Next up we have Nameless Lands by SlyNoBody, an island map with several steep cliffs and sandy beaches. The islands are surrounded by beautiful blue water and packed with lush tropical forest. The best part? It's free to download but not only that, there's a creative version as well as a survival version!

Which one would you adventure through? We've got all of them on our bucket list!

We've got some GREAT maps to choose from and terrain to trek through, now we need gear up with the essentials! There were a few hiker themed skins submitted that'll have you good to go, and prepared for anything nature throws at you! dizzygoo's Animal Crossing skin is suited up with a backpack to store water and snacks in! We're going to suggest taking leisurely trails with this one, as the flat sneakers might not be most suitable for a steep climb. Safety first!

Next, we've got a skin by DinowCookie that's prepared with not only a backpack and sturdy boots, but a flashlight as well! Smart thinking, just in case we wander too far off the beaten pack and it starts to get dark. We've got a similarly neat skin by Greuvi that's suited up in a utility vest and a fisherman's hat to shield the sun. Now that's pretty neat.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Cover Art Girl Minecraft SkinLet's go for a hike! Minecraft SkinUpdated: How Neat is That? Minecraft Skin

photo by craftdiamonds
Did you know that there are over 10,000 species of mushrooms?! And about 75 species are bioluminescent?! How cool is that?!

We had several submissions inspired by these fabulous fungi including a photo by CraftDiamond! We're not quite sure what species of mushroom this one is, but we love how this photo captured the texture and earthy tones!

LucidGraves created an adorable skin with overalls and a mushroom hat naming it "Mushroom Fellas". The submission also includes three other different versions of it; all with unique characteristics including different colored overalls and hat styles.

zombie rat created a skin titled 'mushroom dance, mushroom dance, whatever could it mean?', which features a red mushroom cap and an earthy toned striped shirt. We're personal fans of the red mushroom caps, whatever could it mean?

mushroom fellas (all variants in desc) Minecraft Skin

There were several more mushroom skins, here are a few of our favorites:

mushroom dance, mushroom dance, whatever could it mean? Minecraft SkinMushroom Dance by zombie rat

Mushroom creeper Minecraft SkinMushroom Creeper by dreamCritting

Mushroom girl Minecraft SkinMushroom Girl by dreamCritting

We saw several uses of the adorable fox mob! Some members chose to stay true to the mob's character, changing the texture into something a bit more their style! We've got a neutral toned fox by Henkkuainen, that was inspired by several fox nests at a relatives cabin. Firefox by DragonRider333 features a brighter, rich red coat.

The fox hill Minecraft Skin
the fox hill by Henkkuainen
Fire Fox Minecraft Skin
Firefox by DragonRider333
A couple of members used the fox mob to create a similar structured critter, the raccoon! KRTOLEEN included an adorable render of a baby and a full-size raccoon in their submission. Be sure to check it out!
Racoon Minecraft Skin
Racoon by Reshadoll
Raccoon Minecraft Skin
Raccoon by KRTOLEEN

Cherry Blossom Golem by SpruceVMC
We mentioned in the Event description that you could use your sixth sense and some of you picked up on that! Using this and some creativity, we saw some submissions representing spirits of nature, and each of them were so unique!

A golem is a clay creature that has been magically brought to life. Cherry Blossom Golem by SpruceVMC has so much character and life, we can't help but want to hug it!

IDewa based their Spirit Tree Golem on the golems in the Mansion of the Spirit Tree on the Berserk Manga. In this tale, the protected by spells and golems from the spirits that plague the world.

Below you'll find a couple of our other favorite spirit skins:

Forest Stalker Minecraft SkinForest Stalker by DragonsDungeon
Keeper of the Daisy Minecraft SkinKeeper of the Daisy by Fishkiss
~Spirit Tree Golem~ (BETTER IN 3D) Minecraft SkinSpirit Tree Golem by IDewa

Perhaps you've always wanted to create terrain like the ones above. Take the first step in the terraforming world with this Easy Trees data pack by CoolScreenName!

This pack allows you to quickly place a variety of custom trees which as all organized in the Easy Tree Book.

Okay, so mayyyybe there's more to creating masterpiece maps than this data pack allows, but you'll surely be able to create a gorgeous lush forest full of custom trees!

CaraRose submitted a pretty pink cherry blossom tree in a pot and it just radiates spring!

Fun Fact: Cherry blossoms are Japan's national place and not only symbolize spring, they stand for hope and renewal! We think this Minecraft replica is just as gorgeous as the real-life sakura trees.

The submission also includes a mesmerizing timelapse!

Similarly, LunerHive made a pink bonsai tree featuring a small pond with some koi fish in it! She also included a bonsai care box, and encourages you to build a little house at the base of the tree. So Sweet!

We saw so many species of birds! From tropical parrots to colder weather feathered friends. They came in all different colors from red, to green, pinks and purples!

The two to the right are both found in the northern hemisphere and are similar sizes.

Red Cardinal Minecraft SkinRed Cardinal by JesterCW
Baltimore Oriole Minecraft Skin
Baltimore Oriole by blockcreature
We had never heard of the bird Pharomachrus Mocinno until this event. This bird has extraordinary colors of teals, greens, and reds. We think laguzmen did an excellent job replicating the bird in Minecraft. Check out this video to catch a quick clip of the bird in real life!

Pharomachrus mocinno Minecraft Skin
Pharomachrus Mocinno by laguzmen
Blue parrot Minecraft Skin
Blue Parrot by MDgaming
We saw the use of the phantom mob to make some of the larger bird species such as blockcreature's brown barn owl.

Fun Fact:
The wingspan of a barn owl can reach up to 41 inches!

Barn Owl Minecraft SkinBarn Owl by blockcreature
Canadian Goose Minecraft Skin
Canadian Goose by lovfallande
In addition to bird skins, this beautiful build of an Eagle was submitted by Archether. Want to talk about a fierce bird? This is it! Eagles can fly up to 99 miles per hour (160 kilometers per hour) and some species have a wingspan of up to 8.2 feet!

Even more astounding is nests are about 5 to 6 feet in diameter and 2 to 4 feet tall. A human can fit it that!!

Bzzzz bzzzzz.... what's that noise? Perhaps a bee? Or maybe a dragonfly? There was no shortage of small critters in this event! A couple of beetles, worms, slugs, snakes, lizards, and more!

Interestingly enough, the only spider we saw was the Wolf Spider to the right. No complaints here though, those things give me the heebie-jeebies. Anyone else?

Spotted Lady Beetle Minecraft Skin
Spotted Lady Beetle by darkpotatolord
Mama Wolf Spider Minecraft Skin
Mama Wolf Spider by m0cchi

We will end this journey with a few spring themed haiku's written by Lemilas:

Spring is in the air

Nature abounds with new life

That we can enjoy.
Now the buds are leaves

Decorating forest halls

Filling them with green.
Days are longer now

Sunshine warms each glorious day

Bringing light to spring.
Buds begin to grow

On the branches of the trees

And bushes around.

Phew! What an amazing trip! Back just in time to watch the sunset! We hope you all enjoyed the event and this summary just as much as we enjoyed hosting and writing. Until next time!
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It took awhile for me to realize that I got featured on the results! Thank you guys so much for liking my submission!
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oh my god im featured in this article! sorry im a little late but so im excited!!!!! i hope to keep putting out new skins when i have the inspiration for them.
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Thank you for the sweet words! Thank you also for hosting such a fun event! uwu
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It was really nice to participate :D fun event!
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Thanks for the mention. Feels good to see my work talked about. I do have a 8x8 texture pack on my page - if you like what you see here, it may interest you.
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Wow! I can't believe I'm the only one that did a spider! Thanks for including me in the summary.
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Thanks for the mention!
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Those were some beautiful skins, photos and maps. Absolutely stunning
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aw thank you for your kind words ♡
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Ooo, maybe next time mine will be up here, but all those skins are amazing!
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