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    Made by akashi!!

    13-01-2018: First time holding the most contest wins by a single member, 6 1st places.

    02-02-2019: I posted 4 skins in the past 3 days and held 4 spots on the trending page for the first time.

    05-03-2019: 2 DIGIT CONTEST WINS!!!

    10-03-2019: Sonic event hosted that took over trending completely - 25 skins from the Awesome Sonic Series on trending at once.

    11/12-11-2019: 4 skins in 2 days, all 4 on trending between the 12th and the 13th. Held all top 3 spots on trending for over a day

    11-11-2019 to 18-11-2019: Skins daily for a week, held top spot on trending for almost an entire week with no breaks!

    26-01-2020: Rip Mamba

    23-02-2020: First profile picture/banner change since the profile update ages ago.

    First and last storm; 2020
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    Do you have a discord server I could join?
    Yes: This is the invite link

    Do you take requests?

    Will you post often on PMC?

    Will you join my Marketplace Team?
    Currently I am a part of Pixel squared - hopefully that answers your question.

    Do you have any goals remaining on PMC?
    Not really, we'll see.

    Do you take commissions?
    Sure, pm me.

    Will you teach me how to make skins like you?
    No: I personally learnt skinning by researching what others did, and tried to think about why they did so and if I could apply it myself. After that I took an arts class and learned proper colour theory and lightsourcing etc. I recommend experimenting yourself - there is no 'easy route' where someone can just imprint every logic into your mind - if someone were to do that it'd take as much time as you just researching yourself.

    Will you ever make a tutorial?
    Yes, it will be released some time soon.

    Other stuff:
    I am not interested in your sexuality and in your problems of expressing them on pmc. If I know you, and you want to talk about it, go ahead. However, do not expect me to feel bad for your situation if you mention it on pmc. I am cynical like that, but once you can muster complaining about it on pmc, you need to question if you have it that bad, or if complaining on a minecraft forum is the way to go for you to get better.

    Be grateful for the support you get. Don't begin saying you don't deserve the subs/attention you're getting. People can sub to multiple people, so don't begin saying you're the wrong one to sub to. You get the attention you get because people want to give it to you. Posting about said attention is close to a humble brag.

    I am not the nicest person you'll meet on pmc, I won't pretend to be so either. If you consider abovestanding rude, go ahead. If you think me expressing my opinion is against the site's etiquette, go ahead. Unless you disable comments or block me, I won't hestitate to post feedback or criticism, which I consider helpful or guiding.

    If you have any questions regarding your skins, you can pm me, I'll happily try to express myself - be prepared that I can be harsh - I try to say it so that you know what I think you should improve/work on, I won't sugarcoat it much.

    Don't expect skinners to post every day/following a schedule. Skins posted to pmc are usually skins made by spending free time - for people spending their free time with no monetary reward, it's not a job. Don't expect people to follow your desired schedule when the reward is a virtual diamond or heart.

    PMC members have made a huge deal out of genders and equality lately. Particularly stereotypes and how bad they are. Stereotypes aren't bad - everyone assumes something about others once they meet someone or talk to someone. If you think everyone is evil because of that, you're creating a stereotype yourself - that everyone is evil. Stereotypes and prejudice are what they are. Genderroles are messed up to a certain point - so luckily for you, you live in a society where those roles are less prominent than ever before! This doesn't mean we should neglect the fact that they exist, however, in the nature of animals, gender roles are bound to exist, whether you like it or not.

    Stop posting about "notification spam" etc.: It's alright to be grateful, however, the spam should happen for the reason that is that people enjoy your content. You might as well thank every single person who has ever diamonded/favourited/commented/subscribed to you one by one. Just because you 'notification spam' does not validate or warrant a specific thank you from the person you do it to. If you want to 'notification spam' me, go ahead - but do not expect me to write a wall post about it - just like I wouldn't write a wall post about member_x who has diamonded one of my skins.


    Banner credit: https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/76051900
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