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Summer may be winding down but the Summer Vacation event entries are brighter than ever! A total of 470 entries were made, ranging between beachwear skins, refreshing photography, fancy resorts, cozy campsites, summery poems and more! In this conclusion we at PMC will share some of the submissions that stood out to us, to give an impression of the awesome things that were submitted in the event. 😁


What else screams Summer Vacation more than a resort!? dirtybaker1331chose to build a resort modeled after one in Hawaii that they stayed at this summer. The Minecraft replica features working elevators, gift shop, restaurant/bar, 2 pools, shuffle board, a stage for musical performances, as well as a place to get towels and snorkel gear!

SANAR built a fictional luxury hotel located on a beautiful island. This top-notch resort has a cylindrical shape and a size of 800x800 blocks and includesa total of 161 rooms and 4 detached two-storey luxury bungalows. Be sure to check out the time-lapse of this perfect paradise!

Race boats, relax in a tree house or parkour with friends on this secret island FILLED with mini games! This project was built by Team Blocksanity and submitted by MikeLeonCraft! Take a boat out to the gigantic Sea God sculpture, ride a cart through enchanting cave systems and take a hike to search for the island mansion. Also make sure to check this submission if you enjoy watching Minecraft videos on YouTube; a total of 6 different videos featuring this project can be found in the description!

Of course you'll need appropriate attire to visit such a sun drenched island! Get ready to take a swim in the ocean. This bathing suit skin by -angel-, snorkeling skin by Izunechi or floatie skin by succulents should be perfect for the occasion.

🌞 See all summer skins here! 🌞


A lot of places on Earth faced extreme heat this summer, and several countries faced extreme heat waves. We hope you managed to stay somewhat cool and well-hydrated throughout these overwhelmingly hot days. Amidst the heat, PMC member skizuke provided us with a 4⭐ review blender, now fitting 23% more ice! [ice not included]. Minecraft-vehicle magician Captain_JEK made the sweetest looking ice cream truck, for your refreshment.


What do you think of when you hear vacation homes? For some, its a cabin or campsite in the woods or lakeside. For MrSleeve it's a secluded victorian mansion tucked away from everyone in the middle of nowhere. Their build for the event is their personal dream place to live during the summer. Set on custom 1k x 1k lush terrain, this mansion has a gorgeous view of a towering mountain and a pond with a dock for fishing.

If the sound of the ocean waves and the feel of soft sand beneath your feet is your definition of vacation, this home and location will be sure to please. Modern beach house built by _clem comes with an infinity pool, a spacious patio and garden, and an interior just as beautiful as the view!


In the market for the perfect location to build a vacation home of your own? There were several terrain submissions in the summer event! Cliffs, palm trees and sand is what you'll find on Indraft's 1k x 1k plot of land. Masteratchess's massive 4k x 4k plot offers 19 different biomes. From deserts and dense rain forests to beaches and land saturated with mushrooms, there's certainly no shortage of interesting places to start building on this map! (did we mention its' survival friendly?!). And if huffmanbran6's Isla Paradiso terrain were a real-life place, we're sure it would attract a lot of tourists with its perfect climate, white sandy beaches and a gorgeous spiraling river northeast of the island.

Cruise ship or Yacht? How about both! Check out the Costa Pacifica by DasIglu, a cruise ship features 5 restaurants, 13 bars, 4 swimming pools, and one of the largest spa's on a cruise ship! Climb to the top deck of this ship and sunset for an amazing view of the horizon and be sure to watch the waters for Dolphins!

This Mega yacht by Werner_mc has 4 levels and everything you need to stay at sea all summer long! Grab some friends and hit the dance floor, gamble your minecraft coins away at the casino, or hop on some jet skis for a fast and fun way to travel over the open water. Stay in shape by working out in the fitness center or relax on any of the 3 sundecks! This yacht has it ALL!


Some members opted to express their summer feels through poetry. We collected some of our favorites from various blog posts to share here.
It's nice to see how the seasons keep inspiring poetry in our Community Events, and we hope members will continue to submit poems in the future because they're a delight to read! 😁

Title Unknown

Sitting outside on a summer night.

The moon is up and shining bright,

Reflecting the sun’s shimmering light.

With fewer lights it’s such a sight.

Shooting stars light up the skies.

The blinking lights of the fireflies

Glimmer bright compared to the bug’s size.

The cold creeps as the darkness lies.

- by MythicalJay_24

A Summer Haiku Suite

walking on bare feet
a white clover flower breaks
in between my toes

discovery waits
a green shimmering unveils
an old shard of glass

under warm sunlight
a golden dragonfly rests
on an algae bed

a sudden loud noise
through a clear blue sky
a small airplane floats

drifting on the wind
I have painted my toes black
on this hot sandy path

- by DinowCookie

The Beach and the Forest

The wind blew freshly over sand,

While bright blue waves crashed on the shore,

A meeting of the sea and land,

The sights and sounds, the ocean's roar.

And in the forest, tall trees stood,

And many trails with travelers few

Let those who came explore the wood

And see great things both old and new.

- by Lemilas


A community challenge inspired as many as 9 members to enter a photography blog into the Summer Vacation event! Collectively the participants managed to convey a lot of different aspects about what makes the summer season so magical. With swimming pools and refreshing lakes, cozy bonfires and barbecues, flowers and bumblebees and clear blue skies and gorgeous sunsets. 🌞 If you're interested in all of the photo's, make sure to check the Magic of Summer conclusion! Here's an impression with some of our favorites:

These were our picks from the Summer Vacation event. Make sure to check out the complete list of entries for even more summer themed goodness! A BIG thank you to everyone who participated, you should have an awesome, sunny badge in your trophy case. We hope you enjoyed this summary and we'd like to see you again on the next event.
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If I understand correctly, this conclusion of the event should be in the "CONCLUSION" section. But there at the moment he writes such information:
Thanks for tuning into and participating in the community event! The event hosts will compile an event conclusion & summary. We will make an announcement when it's done. Thanks for your patience.
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It's not linked there yet? 😅 Oops!
Thanks for reminding us!
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eek thank you for the mention :)
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Very awesome! Thank you so much for the mention! Hope to participate more in the future!
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i have 3 weeks until school (summer didnt end for me)
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Thank you so much for all the effort you put into the summary and for getting this community a little closer together by showing interest and sharing our work :) I really appreciate the time you spent for designing the layout, the text and the images and all the links and what not! Love it :D tho now I feel like summer is about to be over soon :')
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Thanks for the mention :), this was a great summer, and this is a great way to end it!!!!!
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Thanks for the mention!!! I really had a blast this summer. I'm really happy to be able to participate in this event <3
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Thanks for the mentioning = ) Pleasantly surprised that I was placed here, especially at the very top)
It was a good summer event. I was glad to participate.
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i was mentioned

this is what i wished for

ty for the mentionn
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Thanks for the mention! It was really enjoyable to be able to participate. I'm looking forward to the next event!
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Thanks for the mentioning, worked really hard on this! (And i´m still working on it)
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