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                Mythical (or Jay)/ Teenager/ Male

      Hi, I am MythicalJay_24, a Minecraft builder and skinner. I try to do my best in all my projects. I've been skinning for a year and I've learned a lot. I love making art for you all to enjoy! I prefer making awesome builds. I love you can see. I love fantasy things and loads of other stuff. I hope you enjoy my submissions. :)

      I'm a builder, skinner, and writer.
      things i like to do: listen to music, paint/draw, play Minecraft (obviously), and many other things
      I also enjoy movies. I'm a big Marvel fan. Also Pirates of the Caribbean, and Lord of the Rings/Hobbit.
      I like to read. Favorite series: Percy Jackson, Heroes of Olympus, Kane Chronicles, Lord of the Rings, and Sherlock Holmes. And recently Harry Potter!

      Please don't re-post any of my skins, mob skins, builds, or blogs anywhere else. Also, no editing my skins and posting them on any site. You can edit them for in-game use only. If you see any of my things on any other site, please report them, thanks.

    (Credit to Mairu-Doggy and RariJacks)
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      Here is some info about me.

      Requests: Closed
    Request Format
    Here is my request format. Please follow it. Thanks.

    Skin Model: Steve/Alex

    Type of skin: Human/ Pixelart/Robot/animal/ect.

    For human skins:
    Skin color: Please explain what color

    Hair style: Please provide images if possible. If not, give as much description as you can.

    Shading Style: Simple or Complex

    Hair length: long/short

    Eye style: Two pixel/ four pixel

    Eyelashes: Yes/no

    Facial features: beard/ ect. Just describe it well. Images if possible.

    Clothing: Explain what type of clothing in detail. Visuals would be helpful.

    Accessories: bracelets/ hats/ ect. Please explain the accessories with detail.

    For pixel art skins: Just explain what you want me to make in detail. Images are extremely helpful for this type of skin.

    For other types of skins: Explain what it is in detail and have images if possible.

    I want to make it clear that I might not do every request asked of me. If I don't have time, or if I think your request is too complicated, then I won't do it. Thanks.

      Commissions: I don't do them
      Collabs: Message me!
      Trades: (message me)
      Build teams: Not planning on joining any right now
      Interviews: I guess (why would someone want to interview me???)

    PMC Goals
    Reach level 30
    Reach level 50
    Reach level 60
    Reach 50 subs
    Reach 100 subs
    Reach 250 subs
    Reach 500 subs
    Have a blog, a project, mob skin, and a skin get on the popular reel.
    Have a blog, a project, mob skin, and a skin get on the first page of the trending list.
    Be a finalist in a project contest, a blog contest, and a skin contest.
    Get top three in an official PMC contest.
    Win an official PMC contest.
    Host an unofficial blog, build, , mob skin and skin contest.
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    Heart of the forest
    Aurora borealis
    🌎ᴘᴍᴄ ɢᴀʟᴀxʏ🌌 - SouthDakotaGirl's PMC Contest
    Art History
    Illuminati On Skin (Trial)
    Good morning  (request)
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