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created 08/06/2019 9:10 pm by RecoladaMC
last reply 08/14/2019 8:38 pm
Someone sent me a PM and said "we don't know who you are" um okay. Well I guess if I'm going to be promoting my content here I might as well introduce myself. My name and also MC username is Recolada, though before that it was Submachiner. I have been playing Minecraft for ten years (classic) but the survival game since October 26th, 2010 which is the registration date on my Mojang account.

I'm nothing special when it comes to the Minecraft community, lack the creative ingenuity that many others have. Though I do build on occasion, I do have a YT channel where I create Minecraft vids. Tend to take an approach to "what have others yet to do" there are too many things I see that are overdone. Try to do something unique. Like the Herobrine Creeper for example. I searched for that, found nothing.

I have been doing YT videos off and on since 2012. I don't really play video games as much, I'm cruising into my middle 30s and there just isn't time to do such like there was a decade ago, haha.

I am actually a private and reserved person. Also quiet as well. Its why I've strayed away form interacting, and introducing myself, which probably isn't the best strat, since people will say "who is this guy?" well now you know! Outside of Minecraft I live in the United States in the Midwest.

Outside of that I'm actually rather friendly and approachable, so don't be shy about responding to my threads and posts, and even my videos if you watch them. Or if you want, you can hit me up on Discord, though I'm not often on there. Recolada#1987
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08/14/2019 8:38 pm
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Hi there, welcome to PMC :)

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