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jioy started 11/22/21 7:57 pm
Advolton replied 11/23/2021 4:42 pm
Hi I'm Jioy!

I'm a long time minecraft player (2013) and I've been a long time lurker on planet minecraft.
I mostly play bedwars, guess the build and sometimes duels on hypixel. On here I make and post some skins for fun :)

Always looking for more ppl to game with so if anyone wants to game or smthn add me on disc: jioy#4444

Thats it. Cya around here
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11/23/2021 4:42 pm
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Hello jioy welcome to PMC.

I sincerly hope that your experience here is a pleasurable one, please feel free to message me if you need anything at-all.

If you need help navigating the forums or finding some information, just drop me a message.

I make skins if you'd like to have a browse.

I look forward to seeing you around, have the best time in our community! <3
11/23/2021 12:14 am
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Hello there, I was a Minecraft player on 2012, or 2013, I don't remember, but it's was on Xbox.
I do love Guess the Build on Hypixel, even I'm suck sometimes. <3
I got Java on August 19th, this year, lol.
I hope you have great times, take care!
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