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OC Request Raffle!

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created 06/19/2015 2:34 pm by Lotus_
Hello PMC! I decided to do this mini-project called O.R.R. It stands for OC Request
Raffle. The way it works is pretty basic. You comment saying you want to participate with such and such of your OCs. I will use a random name picker program (link at the end of the post) to pick three of the participants' names. Then, separately draw they're OCs they chose to enter the raffle with. They will be 5 weeks of this, and 2 special weeks
where only 1 person gets picked and I'll draw they're OC, with the're bae's/online bestie's OC! I hope everything is clear. Enjoy the raffle Also, please credit me a tiny bit when you use that drawing I make for you.

(current week!
Participants for week one: 0 || Week one winners: ?

Participants for week two: ? || Week two winners: ?
Participants for week three: ? || Week three winners: ?
Participants for week four: ? || Week four winners: ?
Participants for week five: ? || Week five winners: ?

I'll announce the winners in a skin post or on my profile, and I'll PM the art to the them.
Right now if you comment saying you want to participate, you're participating in week 1.

Link to name picker: http://www.miniwebtool.com/random-name-picker/
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