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Web Dev Free Here..

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created 06/19/2019 1:57 am by Bacteria_ history
Hey everybody so recently I just finished my college and rn I'm free to do some work if you wanna your server to have a cool forums and or a shop dm me now on my discord (Bacteria#5448)!

I won't charge any money as stated in the forums rules but you will have to give me a dev role at the server.

(Keep in mind I DO NOT provide the domain name and the host you will have to provide them yourself If you dont know what host to choose just dm and we ll discuss that together)

I have solid experience with HTML CSS Bootstrap Javascript PHP MySQL and Laravel, If you would like your site to be built with laravel or without laravel thats optional, genuinely I do recommend it.

finally here's a recent project I finished with another dev, I did most of the front-end, I helped also with the backend.


If you would like to see some more projects or some code add my discord (Bacteria#5448) or join my server to dm instantly https://discord.gg/7d4HWtx

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