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    This is a trip down memory lane.

    Hey all, I'm -Kali-, formally known as "kevin9ye." I have been a part of both PMC and the Minecraft community since 2012.

    At that time, my friend and I had just entered the world of Minecraft. We had gone from frolicking outside in his backyard meadow, daring each other to trek into the shoulder-high grass after the coyotes, to staying inside all day hunched over a computer, running from endermen and contemplating the different ways of persuading our parents to get us the game. I remember the fascination and child-like wonder that we felt upon learning that there were these things called "servers" — realms home to countless people who sat behind their screens, playing and experiencing the game just as we were. It was an unfathomable concept to us two kids; I mean, it took us more than a year just to get the hang of shifting over high ledges instead of having to fall to our virtual deaths to place a block. And while I guess that child-like wonder never left us, both time and ´╗┐life have changed us in immeasurable ways.
    Yet, at the end of the day, it's these experiences that define us. I've come to appreciate the value and role in which PMC and Minecraft have helped me and my friend mature.

    Our persistence in trying to make obsidian from lava and water became the backbone to our unstinting work ethic and boundless aspirations.
    Our pursuit for knowledge in experimenting with redstone (to be honest, my friend was the one to really figure it out-- I still don't know how those capacitors work) became our passion for learning and pursuing our interests.
    Becoming a PMC forum moderator taught me the value of responsibility and interpersonal relationships.
    Becoming a forum moderator by saying I was 17 when I was actually 12 or 13 at the time taught me... well, I full-heartedly respect the virtue of honesty.

    Although I look back on my past posts and messages with an earnest cringe, I am also glad to see how far I have come. My incessant yammering on message boards in blatant attempts to sound articulate and mature (especially older) remind me of what I have done so far, and especially of how much I still need to do. Really. Yeesh.

    In a message to me a couple years from now: "Dang. this attempt to be sentimental and introspective sure seems facetious."
    And to the me about to post this: "You're probably right."

    To some people I remember and appreciate:
    - Jetra: I referred to you as "bestie of the besties" in one of my PMs... -yeesh I am cringing bad right now. Anyway thanks for being what I faintly recall as a mentor and advisee in and out of the moderating community.
    - DaAwesomePwner: I don't entirely remember what all of it was about, but I remember my 13 year old self thinking that you and that Skype group were the wildest thing I had seen so far. You were always a source of humor, enthusiasm, and support back then, in, and especially out, of the moderating community.
    - Aequotis: I think you were wild back then(?). I'm sure you were a riot. Thanks for the fun times and memories.
    - Zarth(?): Though I couldn't find it, I remember that HILARIOUSLY relatable post you had about becoming a PMC mod. It went something along the lines of: wow! --> WOW! --> wow --> huh.
    - (something)Cabbage(?):

    August 12, 2018

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