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Journeyman Birb
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    • 17oClokk
      April 11, 2020, 12:49 am to Public
      I have completed both the nether and the overworld. I just need to finish the end. The end will however take the longest since I must clear a ton of endstone and create my own islands and healing areas for the dragon. It'll be much more difficult than the generic dragon fight. After you defeat the ender dragon the overworld will no longer be forever night (But you can choose at will for it to be set forever night or just regular day/night cycle. You'll probably also get other options as you have "Completed the game".
    • 17oClokk
      April 9, 2020, 3:18 pm to Public
      For the map SoulBlock, I decided to restart it. This time, instead of there being 4 islands in the nether, there are *several* 1 island for 9 different nether mob spawners. As well as a few extra to house a few more ancient debris. Once you get to the overworld, it will be forever nighttime and there will be overworld mob spawners on different islands. It will also be possible to go to the end, where I will be entirely removing the main end island and replacing it with *several* mini islands that you must build across or parkour across if possible. Overall, It'll be possible to complete most of the advancements in the game, so that will be the main goal. But I'll sprinkle in some special goals as well.
    • 17oClokk
      March 26, 2020, 12:37 am to Public
      Creating a new map called SoulBlock, a nether skyblock. I've finished the nether portion of the map (The safe bit) and the overworld portion is the very dangerous bit. You'll be thinking the overworld will finally be an escape from the hellish landscape you've been surviving in for who knows how long; but it will be even worse. Forever nighttime, dungeons you must go into to complete all the challenges, inside will be spawners of blaze, wither skeletons, and vexes! Also, a very large lava pool that was absent from the nether you've been inside of... Also It'll include a story mode. I'll have several versions of the map. The regular map will be just that, a regular map. The hardcore version however will give you much sparcer resources as well as having the islands further apart with only a lodestone compass to lead the way for a long while. As well as a longer treak to finally reach the overworld, where it will be even worse than in the regular varient of the map. Maybe even more types of maps to choose from..
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