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The name's Cole, I'm basically just a gamer that does Minecraft, Dragon Ball Z/Super, Pokemon, etc. I do video games from time to time, make Green Screen effects for others to use, sometimes I upload SFX (Sound Effects). I also do Minecraft Roleplays, like Dragon Ball Z Heroes Arise. Be sure to check those out. If you guys like this channel, be sure to subscribe and turn on bell notifications to be notified whenever a new video is uploaded. Thanks and I hope you enjoy.

Latest videos

  • Dragon Block C Heroes Arise Ep 11 | A Disturbing Investigation
    Once Skull was revealed to be alive, Kyoa fed him on his new plan! Meanwhile at the Z-Base, Greif was getting everyone ready to train under 50 times Earth's Gravity! However, Cole's suspicion brought ...

    posted 07/21/2019 8:52 pm

  • Dragon Ball Super SFX Rapid Punching/Clashing
    Sound Effect Ripped from Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 13! That fight was awesome and I think they did it well, and I think Super Saiyan Blue was DONE well from the looks of it! Feel free to use, ...

    posted 07/12/2019 12:40 pm

  • Dragon Block C Heroes Arise Ep 10 | The Suspicious Mecha Attack
    Right after the Z-Heroes finished their training session! An enemy that cannot be sensed is now heading straight for them! Will their training be enough to stop it? Just what is this threat? Find out ...

    posted 06/28/2019 11:17 pm

  • 2ruffles Logo Animation Intro by AsylusGoji91
    Shout out to my good friend AsylusGoji91 for this slick intro Edits done by me AsylusGoji91 -

    posted 10/07/2018 12:14 am

  • DBC Heroes Arise | DISCORD SERVER - [Watch Full Video]
    I forgot to mention a few things because this was made on the spot. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- There is also Character De...

    posted 10/05/2018 1:46 am

  • Dragon Block C Heroes Arise Intro 3 - Kyoa Saga
    The 3rd and hopefully last intro of the Kyoa Saga. Cover Owned and Created by NateWantsToBattle Theme Song Suggest by SuperSonicXL

    posted 09/28/2018 1:24 am

  • DBC Heroes Arise Ending 1 [Created by CrazyKiddGamer]
    An ending created by a good friend of mine. I was planning on doing one but I occupied at the time.

    posted 08/20/2018 12:48 pm

  • Dragon Ball Aura Green Screen Effect
    At it again, this time I made the sprite DBZ Aura a green screen Download by Mp4 Converter 1.) Copy URL 2.) Put it in the Mp4 Converter (Or any video converter 3.) Download and enjoy You dont need p...

    posted 08/08/2018 10:15 pm

  • DBZHA Announcement [Boring Alert]
    I have alot to go over for the new changes in DBZ Heroes Arise. Or I guess now I should fess up and start calling it "Dragon Block C Heroes Arise" But yeah I've got alot to go over here before we mov...

    posted 07/23/2018 1:19 am

  • DBZ Aura Green Screen (READ DESCRIPTION)
    This green screen was made from SCRATCH this time. I drew this to the best of my ability, I know it's not much but it should be a good start. Also PLEASE DO NOT Steal Re-Upload and claim that it's yo...

    posted 07/22/2018 5:07 pm



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