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Build, survive and thrive. From minecraft to steam games to small indie base games, there's something for a lot of you. I publish videos every week along those lines. Lots of fresh content as I work to make better and better videos.

Everything I record runs on Linux Mint (Ubuntu), windows and mac. I record on Linux Mint with most games coming from steam and If I can record it, you can play it.

Latest videos

  • Minecraft - Celestial Altar Upgrade - SevTech Ages #29
    I need more start power for the Celestial Altar, that means upgrades. ► Playlist: #minecraft #sevtech #gaming Game recorde...

    posted 08/21/2019 2:00 pm

  • Minecraft - Coal Generator - SevTech Ages #28
    Let's try to make a coal generator in sevtech, I'm sure it will be simple and I'll be done in less than a full session. It couldn't possibly take longer, sevtech never gives me the run around with it'...

    posted 08/14/2019 2:00 pm

  • Minecraft - Ur-Ghast Boss and the Dark Tower - SevTech Ages #27
    The continuation of our Dark Tower assault, we find more ghasts, new mites and lots and lots of loot. In bonus overtime we finally take on the Ur-Ghast Boss. ► Playlist:

    posted 08/07/2019 2:00 pm

  • Minecraft - The Goblin Knight Stronghold - SevTech Ages #26
    The Ur-ghast tower is so close, but first we must defeat the Knight Phantom boss found deep inside the goblin night stronghold located on the edge of the dark woods. ► Playlist:

    posted 07/31/2019 2:00 pm

  • Minecraft - Minoshroom and Hydra Bosses - SevTech Ages #25
    Time to delve deep in to the Twilight Forest Minotaur Mazz, as I hunt for the Minoshroom. I hear the Minoshroom is quite tasty with it's meef stroganoff. Once fortified with a mighty stew it's onward ...

    posted 07/17/2019 2:00 pm

  • Minecraft - Twilight Forest, Naga and Lich Bosses - SevTech Ages #24
    Time to explore my favorite mod dimension the Twilight Forest. I'm only looking to 2 items, I'm sure that will a quick quest ... ► Playlist:

    posted 07/03/2019 2:00 pm

  • Minecraft - Starmetal Ore Transmutation - SevTech Ages #23
    I've got to make just one starmetal ore to travel to create the Twilight Forest portal. Should be straight forward right? ► Playlist:

    posted 06/19/2019 2:00 pm

  • Minecraft - Starlight Crafting Altar - SevTech Ages #22
    Already we are upgrading our Luminous Crafting Table to the Starlight Crafting Altar, time to milk the stars for liquid starlight. ► Playlist:

    posted 06/12/2019 2:00 pm

  • Minecraft - Astral Sorcery and the luminous crafting table - SevTech Ages #21
    This session I starting with the astral sorcery mod and I what I think is constellation paper. To craft with this mod I will need to use a resonating wand on a luminous crafting table. But first I nee...

    posted 06/05/2019 2:00 pm

  • Minecraft - Iron and Gold - SevTech Ages #20
    The only way forward is with gold and iron, we can finally build my favourite tools with Tinkers construct. ► Playlist: #mi...

    posted 05/29/2019 2:00 pm



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