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    My OCS
    Rosa (Skin by me and Art credit to NightWishWolfe on Creative Fun forums)

    Rayla Caelum (Upload --> Here) (sister of bree)

    Bree (Breanna) Caelum (Sister of Rayla)

    Aries (Upload -->Here)

    Vinci (No Upload)


    Rosa / OC / budg1e <3

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  • About Me!

    Welcome to my page, where I post my latest and favourite Minecraft skins!
    I often recreate book/movie characters, but can assure you that all of my designs are original unless stated otherwise. (i.e. reshades/remakes/requests)

    *Currently on break*

    RUBY BURKE ART Commissions
    This is also a page to share my sister's current Art creations.
    She's currently taking commissions to draw your Original Characters (or not original, you can request cartoons, book characters, or Minecraft characters!)

    DM me personally if you would like to enquire about Art commissions from her!

    You can find her Art Page here: Ruby Burke Art

    I've also included some examples of her Art below!

    On my page you'll find these types of skins:
    - Medieval
    - Fantasy
    - Causal teen skins
    - Cartoons
    - Book characters
    - Commissions

    I also have a Skindex account [​Aliceb] so feel free to check that out too if you're bored. I keep bases and contest entries on that site!

    Status: (DM me if you'd like to enquire further!)
    Commissions: Open
    Requests: Closed
    Trades: Closed
    Collabs: Open
    SkinPacks: Open
    Contests: Open (But i'll usually enter on Skindex)

    About Me
    - Piano
    - Reading
    - Making Skins
    - Football (Australian)
    - Music (particularly fall out boy, panic! and Tøp)
    - Favourite colour is red (fe3459) or this (92f7d4)
    Currently working with Snail Studios for SkinPacks in the marketplace!

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    Art Credit

    Request Format
    colour theme
    A reference photo (preferable but it's ok if you don't have one)
    Clothes style (i.e. medieval, modern, dress, ribbons, braids)
    Race (i.e. skin tone, hair colour/length, eye colour)
    Accessories (i.e. Weapons, jewellery)
    And please feel free to include anything else you'd like included and DM to me your list!

    All Commissions
    + EndingEcho +

    + GlitchSights +

    + Suhzie +

    (A Requested Edit of this skin --> Here)

    + CherryDarling +

    Commissioned Youtuber Skins
    + Tixtuu + 2019 +

    + Ersh Gem + 2020 +

    + Emerald Hunter + 2020 +

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  • Fantasy / Medieval Skins

    Devil Knight
    Demon Huntress
    Dragon Girl
    Sea Angel
    Viking Warrior
    Astrid - HTTYD
    Big Knife
    Male Lunar Knight
    Lunar Knight
    Blue Demon
  • Dream SMP Fanskins

    Techno Never Dies
    Ranboo (Aka Tubbos husband)
    "Kill me Phil" "You're my son!"
    Nihachu - Red Banquet
    "I have a Puffy following me"
    "Today is going to matter" - Fundy
    "I'm a man of many men." - TommyInnit
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