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    • JessaMoon's Avatar
      November 19, 2021, 2:03 pm to Public
      Sorry I have been gone for 2 weeks, but I've wanted to say a massive thank you to all who have partaken in the Zoonotic Research Questionnaire from a fortnight ago- your answers have helped our findings a lot more and we truly appreciate you for it! x
      If you haven't seen it or done the questionnaire before then it would be wonderful if you could spare a few minutes to fill it out, and so the link will be provided here!

      As stated before:
      It doesn't require any personal details about your location, sexuality, gender, identity, age, sex, or anything as such so all can feel comfortable in completing it for education purposes x

      Thank you all, it's been lovely to check in with you again (and thank you ever so dearly for all the current fanskins I've been seeing they're astounding and so beautiful!) x
      JessaMoon replied to eluusive's comment below 2021-11-19 16:41:50
      JessaMoon's Avatar
      Thank you so much Eluusive! x
      Yes they're going very well actually a lot of work but definitely will be worth it in the end haha! x
      I hope you are doing well too dear x
      JessaMoon replied to Wited's comment below 2021-11-19 16:40:51
      JessaMoon's Avatar
      Aww bless thank you haha! And you guys truly did it really helped our research and we're all so grateful! x
      eluusive said 2021-11-19 15:53:10
      eluusive's Avatar
      done !!
      good to see you again jessa <3 hope your studies are going well !!
      kianna naran replied to JessaMoon's comment below 2021-11-19 15:19:47
      kianna naran's Avatar
      Wited said 2021-11-19 14:49:33
      Wited's Avatar
      Welcome back! And i'm glad we got to help you out :)
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    • JessaMoon's Avatar
      October 31, 2021, 2:16 pm to Public
      🕸️🎃🌙!Hi Everyone! 🌙🎃 x🕸️
      So the questionnaire for BVetMed is fully complete and available to all, and I would greatly appreciate as many responses as possible (though one survey each please do not submit more than one response per person as we need to collect honest data) x
      If possible & you didn't mind, would you be able to share it with people both on here and even friends if you fancied, so that way we can gain vast statistics from everyone across the pond, so we can get tons of viewpoints for the subject!

      >🌒Direct Link Also Here🌘<
      As stated before:
      It doesn't require any personal details about your location, sexuality, gender, identity, age, sex, or anything as such so all can feel comfortable in completing it for education purposes x

      It is also done through Microsoft as it is more helpful for us analytically and you won't need an account or any signing up to complete it x

      All responses are greatly valuable, and I hope you enjoy! x
      Have a wonderful time and such a wonderful Halloween Night! 👻
      🕸️🦇 👻 🎃 👻🦇🕸️
      JessaMoon replied to Pixelgon's comment below 2021-10-31 23:14:01
      JessaMoon's Avatar
      Why thank you so much! x
      I'm glad you enjoyed it and that it taught you something! As humans we are all still learning and with some subjects like these, I feel more needs to be done education wise for the sake of health development and safety for both humans and animals x
      Pixelgon said 2021-10-31 22:12:37
      Pixelgon's Avatar
      After taking the survey, I was actually very interested at how I never knew what a Zoonotic disease is and yet how common and devastating they are in our society at this time and how little light is being shed on the topic as a whole. Would very much reccomend. :D
      JessaMoon replied to Hardcrafter's comment below 2021-10-31 15:49:21
      JessaMoon's Avatar
      Aww bless you it's nothing to feel ashamed of! x
      This is why we're conducting the survey/ questionnaire as we've found unless you're taking a route down Veterinary Medicine, Lab work or Human Medicine there isn't much taught on the subject despite it being so crucial in life and health in our pets and our selves x
      Hardcrafter said 2021-10-31 15:13:33
      Hardcrafter's Avatar
      Will admit I feel mildly ashamed of my lack of knowledge on the subject. Or perhaps what little base knowledge I did have was swept away through semantics as I've never heard of the term used.
    • JessaMoon's Avatar
      October 24, 2021, 2:13 pm to Public
      Hello my dears! x
      I have a quick little favour to ask of all of you! x
      This week I shall be creating a public and anonymous little questionnaire that I would be ever so grateful if any of you could fill out. It won't require any personal details about your sexuality, gender, identity, age, sex, or anything as such so all can feel comfortable in completing it for education purposes x
      The subject itself is quite important as it is something on-par with my BVetMed course and links into the RCVS for a research project I must gather data for on people's awareness of the subject that shall be in the quiz! x

      The quiz will not require anyone to use google for the answers to find out what anything is, as it must be honest answers into what you already know and what you do not x

      When all is complete it shall be a Google form survey that all can enter without personal details, and I hope when I publish the link on here again that all can participate and possibly share it, for me and aid in our research for the sake of education and young Vet Nurses and Surgeons (we would all really appreciate it) x

      Thank you all so much, see you all again soon-
      JessaMoon x
      PrivateGamerNotBusaruba said 2021-10-29 08:34:41
      PrivateGamerNotBusaruba's Avatar
      sounds great, ill be sure to fill it out :)
      JessaMoon replied to aquarine's comment below 2021-10-24 18:46:45
      JessaMoon's Avatar
      Kind of had to search what that meant but thank you XD x
      JessaMoon replied to toukaa's comment below 2021-10-24 18:46:25
      JessaMoon's Avatar
      Thank you haha I shall! x
      JessaMoon replied to chickenpants93's comment below 2021-10-24 18:46:12
      JessaMoon's Avatar
      Thank you very much! x
      aquarine said 2021-10-24 16:25:54
      aquarine's Avatar
      sounds pog
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    • JessaMoon's Avatar
      October 15, 2021, 1:19 pm to Public
      To see the new Animal Crossing New Horizons update is absolutely thrilling!! x
      God- I cannot wait for when this arrives in November, because this has to be the biggest and most waited for update to the game x

      I think it's wonderful to see how Nintendo have actually been listening to fans this whole time, but have been unable to say the slightest thing due to the amount of tough work re-working and implementing new features into the game were. And it's wonderful to meet some old and new characters yet again, with so much hope they have been able to provide. I know I can't wait to play it again, and I'm pretty sure a lot of old players will be flooding back to finally experience this great update! x

      This game brings me back to childhood, and to see it develop to such an extent and bring back so much nostalgia? It's fucking heartwarming I'm speachless XD x
      JessaMoon replied to anonpmc2382110's comment below 2021-10-15 19:32:28
      JessaMoon's Avatar
      Yeah I agree- I think that's why because there was so much work being done on this massive update rather than any of the small ones lol x
      But it's going to almost be like an entirely new game and I cannot wait! x
      JessaMoon replied to AnticNicole's comment below 2021-10-15 14:51:26
      JessaMoon's Avatar
      Oh I'll grab the video link for you!
      Honestly it was packed full of things that will greatly enhance the game x
      AnticNicole said 2021-10-15 13:39:19
      AnticNicole's Avatar
      wait i heard there was an direct, but what was there?
    • JessaMoon's Avatar
      October 11, 2021, 1:25 pm to Public
      There is nothing more awkward than asking than being lost down a part of London, asking someone for directions, for you to have to turn back 10 minutes later forgetting where they told you to go, to then find them again when you return to your starting point, have to ask, and proceed to accidentally go the opposite way in front of them.. x

      I think they could tell I'm new to exploring Camden Market and they probably got some entertainment out of it where as I got complete embarrassment-
      On the plus side I got to visit Primrose Hill nearby at sunset and it was gorgeous! x
      JessaMoon replied to Hardcrafter's comment below 2021-10-11 15:12:49
      JessaMoon's Avatar
      Not really since it's up London otherwise I'd have less walking distance XD x
      Hardcrafter replied to JessaMoon's comment below 2021-10-11 14:01:55
      Hardcrafter's Avatar
      That definitely sounds up your alley lol
      JessaMoon replied to Hardcrafter's comment below 2021-10-11 13:52:30
      JessaMoon's Avatar
      Yeah I'm just so glad that they weren't mad about the fact I kept asking and they could tell I was clearly not a Londoner XD x
      I'm hoping to go next week as well as I'm dying to visit a Cat cafe and astrology shop up there haha x
      Hardcrafter said 2021-10-11 13:46:00
      Hardcrafter's Avatar
      I mean, there's no shame in not knowing where you're going!

      Good to know there was a plus side at least lol
    • JessaMoon's Avatar
      September 27, 2021, 10:47 am to Public
      You know those anime eye patches you see villains and some characters wear?
      Well guess what I'm wearing- x

      Birthday skin may have to be delayed even longer since I already needed my eyes tested as everything is blurry (especially on electronics) hence why I'm not driving and now I only have one working eye right now. Yay XD x
      JessaMoon replied to Hardcrafter's comment below 2021-09-27 11:57:50
      JessaMoon's Avatar
      Yeah I do wish to trial contacts for my next prescription since honestly having to use a mask at work with glasses is an issue: they just get in the way of work (surgical practice- they keep falling off and, sometimes if I'm handilng animals they'll literally pull them off at times) x
      CORRUPTRO HUNTER CAT said 2021-09-27 11:35:24
      Hardcrafter replied to JessaMoon's comment below 2021-09-27 11:23:47
      Hardcrafter's Avatar
      Oh lord, you definitely need to start using your glasses properly after your next test. Plus, contact lenses are always an option if you don't like the look of glasses on yourself.
      JessaMoon replied to Hardcrafter's comment below 2021-09-27 11:19:23
      JessaMoon's Avatar
      That's the thing I have them but I think my prescription has gotten worse since thanks to Covid my last test was 2 years ago XD x
      JessaMoon replied to Fiend's comment below 2021-09-27 11:18:51
      JessaMoon's Avatar
      Not sure- I'm nearing the faze of destroying capitalist Government at this point as well as some men because oof it has been a tough week and life may be short but for some particular nasty people it needs to be shorter, so I'm possibly in limbo between becoming an anti-villain XD x
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    • JessaMoon's Avatar
      September 20, 2021, 11:11 am to Public
      Well it's that time and day of the year where I have to remember that I'm becoming old, and that my mother fell into labour with me in Pizza Hut at Bluewater- what a great way to put everyone off their dinner XD x

      Anyways, the Harvest moon is upon us so that means another one of my Important birthday milestones is today! x
      I may be making a birthday outfit skin for my Persona, but we'll see, and hopefully I can start at least releasing a few skins every month at least because God I miss it! x
      (Heads up if you ever take VetMed you will find time becomes very precious) x

      Apologies for not being as active but I wish you all wonderful days as we ease completely into Autumn! x
      PandaFrost29 replied to JessaMoon's comment below 2021-09-20 19:20:55
      PandaFrost29's Avatar
      You’re welcome ♥
      JessaMoon replied to Aethera's comment below 2021-09-20 19:14:22
      JessaMoon's Avatar
      Oh thank you ever so much Val that truly means a lot! x
      And yes I've had a wonderful day and a great memory to go with it! x
      JessaMoon replied to PickleCat's comment below 2021-09-20 19:13:42
      JessaMoon's Avatar
      Thank you ever so much Cat!! x
      JessaMoon replied to SouthDakotaGirl's comment below 2021-09-20 19:13:19
      JessaMoon's Avatar
      Why thank you Dakota!! x
      JessaMoon replied to spookyshxdow's comment below 2021-09-20 19:12:57
      JessaMoon's Avatar
      Thanks hun! x
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    • JessaMoon's Avatar
      September 7, 2021, 3:04 pm to Public
      If you have the time, I found this great example of how damaging pushing certain gender/sex roles & identities, relationships, and ideas on children are. This was in 1984 and truly this gentleman was well beyond his years. Rest in peace x
      JessaMoon replied to Hardcrafter's comment below 2021-09-07 19:05:35
      JessaMoon's Avatar
      He was truly amazing the that was the best thing about him- his eccentric personality made a great impact on whatever he said due to how well he portrayed views and topics x
      Hardcrafter said 2021-09-07 17:14:50
      Hardcrafter's Avatar
      Okay, I love the way this man presents his topic. His use of language is very entertaining and keeps you wanting to hear more!
    • JessaMoon's Avatar
      September 5, 2021, 10:56 am to Public
      Over this past week, all I have been doing is Self-therapy, re-designing everywhere in my room, ordering clothes (which I adore) regaining an addiction to Animal crossing (ACNH);

      So now I am impulsively redesigning my Island, with a raccoon coming for my knees, and selling tons of items & my pixel art skills on clothes on Nookazon XD x
      JessaMoon replied to PickleCat's comment below 2021-09-05 13:13:59
      JessaMoon's Avatar
      Well let me tell you this- getting sucked in isn't bad at all as it's very fun and you can be so wildly creative in your own world! x
      JessaMoon replied to CactiFern's comment below 2021-09-05 13:13:18
      JessaMoon's Avatar
      Honestly it's been a very fun week for me and the self-therapy has helped unbox a lot of my past which is something I really needed lol x
      PickleCat said 2021-09-05 11:53:03
      PickleCat's Avatar
      :D glad to hear you're happy!
      and i fear the day i somehow get sucked into animal crossing
      CactiFern said 2021-09-05 11:42:45
      CactiFern's Avatar
      Aaa that sounds amazing
      JessaMoon replied to Hardcrafter's comment below 2021-09-05 11:22:55
      JessaMoon's Avatar
      Honestly not sure- but since he comes after your bells and apparently raised two other little ones who have an entire store of knick-knacks, I thoroughly see their behaviour matching just like a raccoon's so that's what I class him as lol x
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    • JessaMoon's Avatar
      August 23, 2021, 3:19 pm to Public
      I just noticed that MoonAstraea is nearly at 400 followers and Zulphiroo is early at 500! x
      If you haven't I highly advice following these lovely and creative people x
      JessaMoon replied to MoonAstraea's comment below 2021-08-23 15:24:13
      JessaMoon's Avatar
      No problem hun haha! Only two more to go and hopefully you get them soon! x
      MoonAstraea said 2021-08-23 15:23:23
      MoonAstraea's Avatar
      Ahh! Thank you so much Jessa!
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