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    •  avatar
      February 23, 2021, 1:39 pm to Public
      So lovely to simply see a rainbow flag with the BLM Movement symbol flying publicly outside of a Police and Fire station I passed by today. Honestly it's simple signs of respect and rising for everyone of every background which stands against the opression and hate x

      I shall first state that there may be a bit of dispute over this subject but in my opinion it needs to be said and clarified:
      First I shall say, without those Police, Firefighters, and first responders who have a heart of gold, we would have a much worse society, and many lives would have been lost if it wasn't for the good officers and responders protecting us.
      So what is the point of disregarding respect to those kind amount of officials who are fighting every day through gunfire, blood, sweat, and tears to help amends the wrongs done by other officials and members of public?
      I will agree there are a few issues to do with how some officers treat certain individuals and may target people of a certain gender, ethnicity, race, color, age, beliefs, religion, etc.- however, this does not apply to all police or other officers- this is the troubling minority, but all in all, that does not correspond to everyone else working in the same field.

      That is where some are taking to the extreme and wishing harm on all officers and dispising all those in uniform because of a select group who taint the meaning behind the uniform and badges. But if we are going to try and end the corrupt side we need to also respect the good half of those risking their lives yet facing death threats and pain.

      I know this may seem random but it's just there have been a lot of debates recently as well as the riots in the past portraying all officers as spiteful people. However, us catagorizing those who have to wear those badges as twisted is just as bad as what you are fighting against.

      I just pray that there will be equality for all of every kind soon enough and all discrimination is eradicated x
      Sorry this was so long- but I really thank you for taking time to read it x
    •  avatar
      February 20, 2021, 1:48 pm to Public
      Just fun little Nature facts you may want to know:- x
      - You can grown your own tree from a pine cone by placing it on the cone's side 1/3 deep in a shallow pot of soil, water it everday and you will see a sapling grow
      - Growing Azolla ferns are ever so beneficial for the environment and the air around you highly suggest growing them x
      - Having plants in your room can benefit your mental and physical wellbeing (not just an aesthetic!) x
      - If you want to help bees, butterflies and insects then spray a thin mist of water over flowers in the summer or else they can drown when trying to find water sources which are too deep x
      - Cottoneaster bushes are great for all wildlife and helping produce oxygen x
      - You can actually learn to befreind bees x
      - Trees are social life matter that can nurse other sick plants nearby x
      - Hemp plants could potentially save an entire rainforest from their leaves being used to replace trees cut down x
      - Bio-degradable plastic does actually exist, however companies don't like investing in it since it costs more money to create and produce x
      - It is possible to re-wire plant DNA and add bio-luminescent DNA into trees to create naturally glowing plants x
      - (Hidden truth) If you spot a invasive species hurt in the wild- you can try to rescue it yourself if safe enough to do so, however don't take it to a Rescue Center or Vets. They legally are instructed to cull all invasive species brought in even if they have a chance of recovery and survival x

      As you can see I have adored Biology from a young age lol x
      JessaMoon replied to WitchyWorkshop's comment below 2021-02-21 11:45:18
      Same haha- I've got a few and I'm buying more XD x
      vonk replied to The FaiyaBLAST's comment below 2021-02-20 21:32:08
      I mean I don't know everything about bees but it seems about right
      WitchyWorkshop said 2021-02-20 21:27:08
      This just reminded me i wanted to get plants in my room, thank you!!
      JessaMoon replied to The FaiyaBLAST's comment below 2021-02-20 20:53:31
      Which one XD x
      The FaiyaBLAST said 2021-02-20 20:22:25
      vonk please confirm bee fact
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    •  avatar
      February 14, 2021, 1:25 pm to Public
      A Merry and Wonderful Valentines Day to you all! x
      I decided to remake my persona to fit today's celebration haha!! x
      Know that this and every other day, that you are loved regardless, and though as society has put it towards romantic relationships, tell someone no matter your relationship that you love them x
      .+*Valentine Love*+. // PMC Version
      .+*Valentine Love*+. //Skindex Version

      I hope you like her! x
    •  avatar
      February 13, 2021, 1:08 pm to Public
      A very random wallpost, but tell me why my only impulses seem to be either to adopt a child or rescue a ton of stray cats. This feeling has only arisen during the entire pandemic and it slightly concerns me that my brain's reaction isn't to become downhearted, but to rather impulsively wish to become a mother to pets or a baby...
      If I end up one day announcing I am now a mother to a child or own a ton of animals don't be surprised XD x

      Side Note-
      I've been very drained from work and I am so drained from duelling between Law and Bio-Med and I am currently having a midlife crisis before my 30s even, but I wanted to say I'm planning to launch the Mythical and Mystical contest in the middle of March- so yeah I am definately hosting it, but I need extra time for trying to re-balance my life. Thank you for reading my random issues XD x
      Purrfectionist replied to JessaMoon's comment below 2021-02-14 16:27:20
      You should try fostering some of your neighbours' cats until they get a home! Then you know if your dog is good with cats too.
      JessaMoon replied to mysticaberri's comment below 2021-02-14 03:51:36
      If that became a Law I would riot XD x
      Yes very likely, especially if you're above 13 and reaching around 15/16 becaus ethat is when hormones in the body peak, and the chemical reactions in the brain become more mature, resulting in many cravings, wants and emotional waves x
      Yes it's baby fever lol x

      Just- try not to hit a 'baby fever' stage like one of my friends did when she turned 18 and end up buying a ton of baby clothes & stuff even though she wasn't pregnant XD x
      mysticaberri replied to JessaMoon's comment below 2021-02-14 03:01:37
      "You may not have a baby without a license"

      but yeah maybe its my hormones?? i think that's what they call baby fever
      JessaMoon replied to mysticaberri's comment below 2021-02-14 00:08:19
      (I thought you meant a license to have a child at first and I was about to say in which country are you and why is that a law?! XD) x
      Perhaps it is your hormones? I know in female hormones it is common when oestrogen levels spike, you become more maternal (I have high levels of oestrogen so it factor's into my motherly side lol) x
      mysticaberri said 2021-02-13 18:50:49
      i"m not even legally allowed to have a license, yet I want an entire human being to take care of????
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    •  avatar
      February 2, 2021, 1:18 pm to Public
      A solem fairwell today but he deserves a fairwell-
      But I wish to say Rest In Peace dear Sir Tom Moore, one of Britains most lovable and charitable veteran of WW2, who sadly passed away this afternoon at 100 years old from Covid-19 x

      He sacrificed and witnessed traumatic things during the war and lived onwards to perform charity work for the sake of the NHS and the UK Public by raising £33 Million pounds alone to aid the public against the very thing that took his life x

      May he rest peacefully and know we shall never forget him, his benevolent and selfless acts, and the many lives he saved during the war... x
    •  avatar
      January 29, 2021, 1:15 pm to Public
      So in regards to my pervious post- I have decided I shall run a Mythical and Mystical (fantasy) based contest! x
      I do already have the participation, 3rd Place, 2nd Place & 1st Place Trophies completely made from scratch, and I am very proud of them haha!! x

      (-----1st Place ------------- 2nd Place -------------3rd Place -----------Parcticipation)

      I am figuring out prizes and a lot will likely be skinning requests and rewards such as reular skins and HD skins which will be made by myself x
      I hope when the contest is up and running you would like to join since anyone (you don't have to be subbed) can haha! x
      Izzora said 2021-01-30 19:30:41
      Those trophies are amazing! Hopefully I will have the time to join because I LOVE fantasy themes!! <3
      EleanorRose replied to JessaMoon's comment below 2021-01-29 16:43:53
      Thank you!
      JessaMoon replied to EleanorRose's comment below 2021-01-29 16:26:52
      I definately will do haha!! x
      EleanorRose replied to JessaMoon's comment below 2021-01-29 16:24:58

      Let me know when you end up releasing it, I'm looking forward to it!
      JessaMoon replied to EleanorRose's comment below 2021-01-29 14:03:44
      Aww why thank you! x
      I hope that you will enjoy it when it gets running haha! x
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    •  avatar
      January 23, 2021, 1:31 pm to Public
      A very grand and wonderful hello everyone! x

      I am admittedly 3 days late with this message however I was quite busy, but I would love to announce:
      We have hit over 602 Subs meaning we have passed a milestone of 600 Followers haha!! x
      In all honesty I am tremendously grateful of you all and greatly thankful for all your endless support the whole time I have been here! x

      I think I will have time to host a contest I've been meaning to do this entire time however I do wish to celebrate in some way you all want to- So I am open to any idea you may have! x

      Be it Contest, Skin Requests, Skin Raffle/Prizes you name it (as long as it is skin related since I have no time to do pixel art and am not a digital artist with the pen mind you XD) x

      Again thank you all dearly for what you have allowed me to accomplish alongside you all, and please do remember I shall always be here for as long as I am to help any of you if you wish for anything from me x
      I shall be your online mother and therapist- who has a healthy and valid obsession with the moon and doubles as a medic XD x
      crwbanman said 2021-01-23 21:31:15
      congrats :D v awesome
      JessaMoon replied to Overlord_Aqua_2's comment below 2021-01-23 17:38:58
      Aww thank you Aqua!! x
      Overlord_Aqua_2 said 2021-01-23 17:24:20
      Congratulations! :D
      JessaMoon replied to Etqtay's comment below 2021-01-23 16:30:17
      Thank you so much Etqtay haha!! x
      Etqtay said 2021-01-23 16:17:21
      Congrats! ^^
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    •  avatar
      January 17, 2021, 2:51 pm to Public
      Hey my name is Jessa and you are watching me hang over a toilet because I consumed 1600 calories from eating a bowl of pure icing sugar and breadsticks in one sitting.

      For some reason my now sick and sugar rushed brain thought "Hey post this on a Minecraft site" and my brain also agreed and went yeah let's do that the same time as hanging our head over a toilet as well as hanging our head in shame.

      In other words there shall be no skin today-
      Thank you for coming to my toilet talk.
      Overlord_Aqua_2 said 2021-01-18 01:18:36
      I hope you feel better soon.
      RockinReptite said 2021-01-17 16:25:01
      As someone who is very small and doesn't really eat as much as some other people (because I'm not particularly big and don't have any reason to), I can say that I have no idea what that would be like. I know it can't be good, though.

      So, uh, let's all hope that this situation improves soon, and let's also all remember that we should be careful with what we eat and how much we eat, so we don't end up like this all the time.
      ShadowFallYT replied to JessaMoon's comment below 2021-01-17 16:20:27
      Works for me, but I don't know how it works for others
      JessaMoon replied to FameMonster's comment below 2021-01-17 16:00:16
      I think in the future this will be a good laugh at work since everyone is aware now lol- but yes I am slowly coming to and feeling a bit better thank you x
      FameMonster said 2021-01-17 15:53:00
      This was hilarious to read but seriously are you okay?
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    •  avatar
      January 13, 2021, 12:14 pm to Public
      I know I say it all too often but I think I need to be clearer.

      No ‘x’s or anything just general sincerity and serious tone when I say this so please don’t expect a TLDR, so thank you if you do read this all.
      it is an awful lot to read so perhaps grab something to drink or eat if you wish.

      Thank you. Thank you all dearly for everything- Diamonds, hearts, compliments and general discussion. They all mean so much to me because it shows people enjoy what I create, and people conversing in certain topics no matter how broad or small, serious or silly; it means more than you can imagine.
      It’s these little things I am incredibly grateful for and the people who are so kind to show that appreciation and generous heart.
      Same with compliments:
      I know I always say thank you a lot and I even do so in Private messages, and yes I am aware I may sound like I am exaggerating my appreciation for these things and exaggerating my compliments towards other members, but I mean only mean to convey how it truly makes me feel ever so thankful for all of you. Because the problem is I don’t think enough of you realise how you have all affected my life in the best way. I’m serious. I’ve met a lot of people but you all make this site a community and what it is through your admirable creativity, humour and kindness. And not even just the members the staff as well-

      You can go to many social sites and the staffs here are what make this place so special because you don’t have members, staff, mods and developers like this site. So thank you to all the site and staff- I know I am very well aware of Cyprezz, PMC, Paril, Dreamcritting, Unknownymous and a few others however sadly I don’t know all the moderators and I can’t write an entire list because I think it would just be considered spam- so just know every single one of you are amazing and deserve a lot of respect for what you do. (Honestly feel free to @ them or not if you wish, I am on mobile).
      I am aware there is this whole posting random things like memes and all such and yes there is quite an overdrive of that stuff however I want to post something positive. Yes I will agree perhaps this entire wallpost is a spam since there is so much but I will gladly say I am happy with the depth of this post. That and I want to add a little positivity to contradict all of this.
      This is a long message I am aware of that- if you have been following me for a while now you should very well be aware of this haha; but it deserves to be because in my opinion I can’t thank everyone here enough for all the memories this site has in-bedded in me.

      I know that joke floats around about me posting something without an ‘x’ in a post will shock people so I thought of all posts in my life on this site it should be something meaningful to me. This deserves a serious tone. So what better than thanking the whole site and people who make this such a memorable place?
      So call me a mother for being caring for people on the internet, and call me a therapist for listening and offering advice, and call me a doctor for helping people who may need medical aid but that is what we should all do in general isn’t it?

      (Though make sure if one does offer medical advice, truly do make sure you are offering them correct advice and to seek other professional opinions & health checks or else that can be bad haha).
      If I can summarise my experience here it is life changing to the greatest degree on many deep levels I can’t even summarise because that’s how much everything on here means. Being able to share my hobby of skinning, being able to post things like this, being able to talk to people and help when necessary means... More than anyone can fathom.

      That is why I enjoy helping on here. Knowing I have affected others, and helped even with knowledge on things I was taught and how I can use my teachings to pass some enlightenment on others really does make me happy. It is why I will always offer any advice on medical health, mental health, and emotional troubles and even offer my time to listen to anyone who needs to rant.

      In reality and all honesty, I hope when I do eventually leave this community, which shan’t be now, or soon, yet some time in the future, it will leave a mark where people will do the same things for others both online and in reality.
      That is my final wish when I leave this site as well as this life in general.
      To encourage affection and understanding for those in dire times, and enlighten yourself.

      Because I know I don’t have much time as well as anyone else that is why you should count every second to be a chance of wonder and count every positive aspect no matter how small- there should be no size or restriction to positivity, kindness, manners, love, hope, wonder, fulfilment, light and happiness.

      So... Thank you.
      It is a word that should be said with truth, integrity and power. A word perhaps not said enough but said often with meaning.

      Thank you all for your time if you read this. I don’t mean to consume your time like I said every second of your life you should spend it on something meaningful to yourself or another. No matter how simple it may be.

      I shall see you all soon.
      PandaFlower29 said 2021-01-21 20:28:42
      You’ve affected many people in great ways, and you spread so much happiness and cheer, so thank YOU for being the wonderful person you are <3
      JessaMoon replied to Hardcrafter's comment below 2021-01-13 13:53:15
      Oh bless you Crafter haha!! x
      That is ever so sweet and I don't even know how to say how lovely that is! x
      Honestly I do miss talking to everyone like I used to but that's work for you- I just hope I will have more time so I can catch up! x
      Hardcrafter said 2021-01-13 13:35:00
      Honestly, you've already left a permanent mark on this community!

      If I'm being true to myself, you've left such a mark on me that I find myself missing you at times.
      JessaMoon replied to mcrjellyfish's comment below 2021-01-13 12:48:25
      Awww bless you!! x
      To be honest I think everyone on here is very kind and I love you too (platonically XD)!! x
      mcrjellyfish said 2021-01-13 12:44:29
      awh jessa, PMC really appreciates you <3
      you're honestly one of the kindest members on here, thanks so much for being so nice on this website
      you're amazing, we all love you :]
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    •  avatar
      January 11, 2021, 1:52 pm to Public
      I am aware of what I am most capable of doing and what I am not, so...

      What is the most evil, criminal or controversial thing you could imagine me doing? x
      I truly wish to know your oppinions because it is a random thought that has entered my mind and refuses to leave XD x
      JessaMoon replied to Hardcrafter's comment below 2021-01-11 16:23:23
      If that's the case and all those childhood theories of other dimensions existing, with reversals of our personalities and morals, then I dread to ever meet myself.. God I'd be a nightmare XD x
      Hardcrafter replied to JessaMoon's comment below 2021-01-11 16:18:16
      Really?! Well dang, I guess if you used your traits for bad things, you definitely would be a force to reckon with!
      JessaMoon replied to Hardcrafter's comment below 2021-01-11 16:01:43
      Well then thank God I have morals and I'm not an awful person because that isn't the first time I've heard this either XD x
      Hardcrafter said 2021-01-11 15:55:42
      Manipulating someone into doing exactly what you want since you can look at someone and tell exactly what kind of person they are.

      I don't think you actually would do that, but you definitely seem to have the capability
      CupcakeFrosting replied to JessaMoon's comment below 2021-01-11 14:31:34
      I’m not complaining tbh
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