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AnthroMiners on Youtube

Subscribers: 718
Videos: 9

AnthroMiners is a French Minecraft team specialized in reproductions of real life buildings from movies and video games.

Team main builders: Jaff62, McTaylis
Team helpers: Gorix, Rugbyoshi, Amyro21

Latest videos

  • Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch - Minecraft Java 1.14 #10YearsWithoutMichaelJackson
    In memory of Michael Jackson and to celebrate the 10 years anniversary of his death, AnthroMiners has worked in collaboration with Rémi (Rems_Killer) & Animpotiron to bring you an almost complete red...

    posted 06/24/2019 5:57 pm

  • Alcatraz Island - 1960 Edition
    We are conscious of the popularity of our map for prison servers and want to share with you this alternative version of the island, specially built for an use on servers, including (almost) all buildi...

    posted 06/02/2015 2:16 pm

  • Alcatraz Island 1.3 - Cell blocks update
    New big update of our Alcatraz Island map, featuring improvements in the main cellhouse (new redstone systems, better cellblocks, ...). Note: This map was created before Call Of Duty's Alcatraz map. ...

    posted 05/16/2014 7:27 am

  • Air Force One - Minecraft Java 1.8.3
    A map by Jaff62 and McTaylis (Ash_Killer) | Anthrominers © 2013 Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/omy12wlbukz8cnu/AirForceOne_08April2015.zip Note: this map has been made on Minecra...

    posted 05/27/2013 2:04 pm

  • CommuMCFR | Elvis Presley's Graceland - Minecract Java 1.8.3
    A map by Jaff62 and McTaylis (Ash_Killer) | Anthrominers © 2013 Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/env520d45lzagsu/Graceland_08Apr2015.zip Note: this map has been made on Minecraft Ja...

    posted 01/21/2013 12:54 pm

  • Alcatraz Island (The Rock movie edition) - Minecraft Java 1.8.3
    After 8 months of work, thanks to plans, photos, videos and the movie "The Rock", the famous "Alcatraz Island" is now on Minecraft! A map by Jaff62 and McTaylis (Ash_Killer) | Anthrominers © 2014 D...

    posted 12/18/2012 1:35 pm

  • Michael Jackson's Neverland Valley Ranch - Minecraft Java 1.6.2
    A map by Jaff62 and McTaylis (Ash_Killer) | Anthrominers © 2013 New version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9hpGK11lelE ---------------------------- Want to see more projects? Follow us! Youtube: ...

    posted 10/19/2012 5:27 am

  • AnthrAventures #1 - Visite de la map solo de hcocox
    Premier épisode de la nouvelle série de vidéos Minecraft, AnthrAventures, avec la visite de la map solo de hcocox, plus particulièrement de la ville Hcity. Retrouvez nos constructions sur : http:...

    posted 09/09/2012 8:45 am

  • Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch - Minecraft Java 1.3
    AnthroMiners presents is replica project of the Michael Jackson's Neverland Valley Ranch, in Minecraft! New version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9hpGK11lelE

    posted 08/26/2012 7:05 am

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