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    Hello, Arterexius here, but you can just call me Rex.

    I build big. Really really big, as I'm certain you can tell. I love everything fantasy and a lot of Sci-Fi as well. But mostly fantasy. Real life buildings and landscapes inspires me a lot in my builds. So does a lot of the major build teams, builders and builder societies (such as ABS, Deep Academy and Cephyr).

    I see Minecraft Building as a way of doing 3D graphical art. I don't see builds or landscapes as parts of a game. I see them as graphical art pieces. Just like architecture. I've always had a major interest for buildings and their shapes and sizes, so when I found myself at the choice of learning either redstone or building, the choice was pretty easy

    Where to find me and my gaming? I've got a YouTube channel, a Facebook page and a Twitch user, this PMC user and soon a website. To find them, search for my name. Except for the website profile. That would require a link I will post here, once it's been built.

    - Rex.
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    • Arterexius
      March 13, 2020, 8:36 pm to Public
      I've added a guestbook to my PMC so you guys can write stuff to me there or ask me things. Idk what you'd want to write, but now it's there.

      Denmark has closed all its borders and we are under lock down due to Covid-19. I want to do what I can to keep people calm during this crisis and therefore I am going into a much higher production tempo than previously planned. Videos of a Lets Play will come out in either the following week or next week.

      I want people to stay calm and chill out at home. Take care of yourselves and your fellow humans, we need to stand together apart from each other during this crisis. We will beat this mofo like we've beaten all the others. This virus came to the wrong neighborhood and we're gonna shove it out in style. Who said isolation had to be depressive and lonely?
    • Arterexius
      December 14, 2019, 6:24 pm to Public
      It's really been 11 months since I last posted a status update here? Wow, time surely flies, but I have not been idle. While I'm not gone and I'm not going to go, I have decided to focus on more than just Minecraft. My new name "Arterexius" will also be used for more real life art and minor projects, which I will post both here and on a specific website. I have ditched the idea of a custom website for this name alone, as I also operate under 5 under pseudonyms. 4 for music and 1 for philosophy which interests me greatly and is already a part of how I choose to build my structures in Minecraft.

      Everything I do from 2020 and onwards, can be found on that site. I have yet to completely structure it as I have started high school, but it is on the "soon" to do list, among finishing what I have promised, although I've been terribly delayed and I won't promise any further release times. School is part of the reason for the delays, the other are a ton of minor projects which I am in the process of concluding. These have been recorded and will be edited and released in between a Let's Play series I am constructing with my little brother and a great friend of mine, known as Pskovhansen. If you're a fan of Hermitcraft, you'll love our series too as it's basics are inspired from that fantastic server!

      The Cathedral is still on going and the surprise project too, but in order not to leave you with mere speculation, here's a look at what my current timeline looks like and what it has looked like for the past 5 months:

      • Record footage of minor projects from start to finish (or from current state to finish)
      • Edit recordings
      • Release a channel trailer including shots from those recordings, as well as shots of gameplay, video editing, coding and from some of my other skill sets.
      • Release of individual project videos.
      • Create website and finish up rebranding in between project videos
      • Boot up the Let's Play series
      • Finish up the surprise project and boot up Let's Build on the other ones.

      That's the plan for now. I'll be back with updates. Hopefully soon and not in yet another 11 months. I apologize for the silence.

      - Rex
    • Arterexius
      January 14, 2019, 1:46 pm to Public
      I'm going through a major rebranding. I got tired of name parodies (ur anus made from Joranius) and I wanted a bit more unique name than something I wrote as a 13 year old. So I chose Arterexius, but you can just call me Rex.

      I'm going through all of it. New skin, new artwork, new name, updated profiles all over and setting up a homepage for it all. And I'm planning new content and showcasing some of the other projects I've been working on.

      I just wanted to let ya'll know, so it doesn't come as much as a surprise than what it already has and I wanted you to know the reasons behind it. I wanted to refresh my online presence as a gamer and minecrafter and I wanted to do it as a symbol of change. Not just visually, but also in the shape of more content. Including a modded minecraft series with a few friends of ours

      I hope you don't mind this too much. See ya soon with more content (hopefully around the spring)

      - Rex
    • Arterexius
      June 25, 2018, 2:48 pm to Public
      Okay, so a minor tech problem just caused another 2 weeks of delay. My apartment is incredibly hot in the summer and there's little to nothing I can do about it, so my PC's CPU hit almost 90 degrees Celcius, which promptly got me to shut it down (of course). After changing the thermal compound it wouldn't start, but it is now up and running again and I hope to catch up to what I didn't get done.

      Feedback is always appreciated.

      - Joranius Minecraft
  • Website, Builds & More videos!

    Hi all.
    I'm terribly sorry for the lack of content and activity there has been for the past several years.
    I've had a lot of real life stuff to deal with, but I haven't forgotten about all of you.
    In fact I've been working really hard on a lot of different things.

    I am working on a website with all info on all of the work I do across the Internet under all of my different pseudonyms. To give you an idea of the scale, then I can say I personally run 7 different pseudonyms with 4 of them revolving around my music. All music you'll hear on my future videos, will be of my own compositions, unless stated otherwise. This is also the primary reason as to why I am often delayed a lot in what I want to release.

    While I originally intended to make a separate website for this user, it just doesn't make any sense to not only produce content for 7 different pseudonyms, but also to maintain all their different social medias, pages, community site profiles (like this one) and then 7 different websites too? No, that would be an impossible task for a single person. So I'm collecting everything at one site and I'll link to that in the future.

    See you soon.
    - Rex

    Ps. I have a surprise build in progress. And it's closer to completion than the cathedral ;)
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