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    hello and welcome to my super unorganized page!!

    i make skins based on a bunch of fandoms (namely fnaf, tangled, omori, and epic the musical for now)

    requests are welcome! but keep in mind i may deny some of them :^

    and sorry if your request takes awhile, skinmaking is only a hobby and pasttime so therefore i won't be putting all my focus and attention unto it

    ^ i make skins in my own time so don't expect frequent uploads unless im in the skinmaking mood or if im feeling very obsessed with a character

    anyways thanks for checking this out!! this was my (feeble) attempt at making my bio much easier to read
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    i have 2 skindex accounts,

    my main account is Beatzy, where i post requests, random skins, and shaded skins

    my other account is Beatzeyy, where i post unshaded skins and might post bases in the future

    i usually post more skins on my Skindex main compared to PMC, so if you just wanna see more skins and older skins from me, then that's where to go :V

    my minecraft username is caspunzies! feel free to talk to me when you find me in servers :D (i'm online on wynncraft from time to time)

    you can ask for my discord tag via pm :D
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  • fnaf skins

    ~ get ready for a surprise! ~
    ~ how pathetic for you to cry victim ~
    ~ party favors ~
    ~ to live is to be musical ~
    ~ listen to my voice, and you will find the key ~
    ~ Face The Consequences ~
  • tts and vat7k skins

    ~ your destiny awaits, princess ~
    ~ if i was sorry for my actions, would i ever stoop so low? ~
    ~ eroplanong papel ~
    ~ Waiting In The Wings ~
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