Level 51 Grandmaster Wizard

𝔓𝔯𝔬𝔰𝔭𝔒𝔠𝔱𝔦𝔳𝔒 ℑ𝔫𝔨𝔴𝔒𝔩𝔩 𝔓𝔯𝔬𝔧𝔒𝔠𝔱𝔰

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Stone Orchard

  • Baronport - A refugee town of shacks built on many interconnecting rafts. Baronport also functions as the docks of the main port of Candlestone.

  • Candlestone - Stone Orchard's only city, split into South Candlestone, North Candlestone, Baronport, Cirrus Major and Norton.
          - Sheridan Vale: From the top to the east coast of North Candlestone, Sheridan Vale is occupied by the richest of the city's
           citizens, as well as the Temple of the Master.

          - Palatine: The Municipal nerve center of the city. Here are the hospital and city hall.

          - Rainhaven: Just across the river Eiss, this is where you will find the bulk of the city's middle-class, along with the school and

          - Stowton: At the bottom of South Candlestone, the corner in which the city hides its unsightly factories and unkempt

  • Cirrus Major - East of Norton, a village of shipbuilders ensconced in evergreens at the foot of the Cirrus Mountains.

  • Norton - A mining town in the shadow of the Cirrus Mountains. Norton is an industrial community that supplies Candlestone with precious resources from the stone.

  • Cirrus Minor-A small, sparse village of cottages West of Norton, situated in a green valley of the Cirrus Mountains.

  • Covenwood - Formerly a cheerful woodland, now sickened by the flooding ink, acting now as the tainted home of powerful witch covens.

  • The Hallow Temple -The great black monastery in the heart of the Cirrus Mountains. This is the home of the dark pilgrims, who keep their purpose and work a mystery to the unindoctrinated.

  • St. Mikkelsen -The major breadbasket of the Kingdom of the Blood Rose. This land features rolling hills of farmland and moors. Travelers are warned to beware the "Shucks of St. Mikkelsen."

Royal Willows

  • The White City - Capital of the Kingdom of the Blood Rose, each building is bright white in color. Here sits the great cathedral of the Kingdom's foundational theology, the church of the Master.

  • The Royal Palace of Venar - Home to the King himself, this former royal hunting lodge occupies the Venar valley ensconced in the Stratus Mountains.

  • Midwich Fen - These flat marshlands are at all times silent, and forever shadowed by gray skies; the land itself seems to mourn the countless dead of yesterday's wars. The blood of many soldiers washed away ages ago, along with their names, and even the memory of their nations. Below the surface, the bones of former enemies are intermingled.


  • Funusurbis - The capital of the Drwennish province. Here is a small city of curious natural spires of black stone, in which the Drwennish burrow their homes.

  • The Payle - The capital of the Pendal province. Maybe more of a large town than a small city, here you will find a tight-knit community of the last of the Pendal Goblin-Folk. The homes and buildings are mostly hut and roundhouse structures, built amongst large evergreens.

  • Stilacrimomο»Ώ- Composing the Corvish Republic are the Corvish Kingdom, and its two provinces: one for the last of the Pendal race, and the other for the last of the Drwennish. The heart of the Republic and capital city of the Corvish kingdom is the city of Stilacrimom, built under the shadow of the largest wellspring; a large volcano from which Ink flows into the world. Priests of the new religion pray in vain amongst its many falls. The land lacks flora, rendering it bleak and muted. The king never leaves the great black citadel that juts forth from the harbor.

  • The Fleet of Saints - Built to combat the Fleet of Sermons, the Corvish ships are slightly fewer in number, but are superiorly built by the masterful hands of Drwennish shipwrights. As per standard, each ship is outfitted with a network of armor plating, inside and outside the hull, which both protects the hull and prevents it from shattering into deadly shrapnel when struck by cannonball.
          -Saint Rhett, Flagship
          -Man O' War
          -War Galleon


  • The Hourglass: Golona (Abor's Hideout) - Long thought lost to the Ink, there yet remains a small region of these once vast arid lands. The Hourglass was a sprawling desert fringed with swamps and jungle. Likewise, the pitch-black natives of that continent once populated its few grasslands and oases. But in the obscurity of the "Old Days," these people were long lost to some mysterious fate. What little is left of their land and structures yet outlives them. And hidden away in the dense coastal flora and ruins, the most wanted pirate crime lord has managed to evade the world's navies for many a moon cycle. Sailing through crooked trees and curtains of plant life, you'll come upon the Captain's pirate settlement. A small refuge for the wanted criminals of the lands and ink, Abor's favorite hiding place has developed into a small settlement.

  • Abor's Fleet - A handful of vessels of various sizes that sail below the Captain's jolly roger:
          -Old Thunder, Man O' War
          -The Stranger, Frigate

          -Blasted Apparition, Clipper
          -The Last Muelsom, Caravel



  • The Umbracon - A strange and hellish dimension. When the fringes of night absorb light and edge close, the Umbracon intersects with the world of the Inkwell. One must be careful not to stray too far when they find themselves in this place of flamelight and shadow. Whether by the flames of candles, the ticking of clocks, the tolling of bells... one must keep an anchor, whether it be ticking clock or tolling bell, or to guide them back before the night's end …lest they should be lost in this netherworld.

  • The Void - A blank canvas on the other side of what is seen, an empty loom between the fabric of dreams. Here is where the 12 Progenitors manage infinity, painting and weaving their worlds, seeking more prospective Progenitors to assimilate. The manifestation of completely ungoverned chaos, the void would unravel any finite mind without the 12 unsung gods.

  • β žβ “β ‘β €β Žβ β Šβ —β β ‡β €β ‹β •β ₯⠝⠞⠁⠊⠝
  - β Žβ •β —β ‰β ‘β —β ‘β —β Žβ €β •β ‹β €β β β ™β β ‘β Žβ Ž
  β Žβ ‘β ‡β ‡β Šβ β ›β €β β ‘β €β žβ “β ‘β Šβ —β €β žβ Šβ β ‘
  β ‰β “β Šβ ‡β ™β €β •β ‹β €β ›β •β ™β €β Žβ Šβ žβ žβ Šβ β ›β €β Šβ β €β žβ “β ‘β €β Žβ ₯⠝
  β ›β Šβ §β Šβ β ›β €β β ‘β β ‰β ‘β €β •β ‹β €β β Šβ β ™
  β ‹β Šβ ‰β žβ Šβ •β β β ‡β €β Žβ ‘β ™β ₯β ‰β žβ Šβ •β 
  β •β β €β β €β ƒβ ‡β β ‰β …β €β Žβ β •β Ίβ €β Žβ …β ½
  β Žβ β ™β β ‘β Žβ Žβ €β …β Šβ ‡β ‡β Žβ €β žβ “β ‘β €β Žβ ₯⠏⠑⠗⠍⠁⠝
  β ‘β §β ‘β β €β ‹β β žβ “β ‘β —β Žβ €β ‰β —β ½

  β •β ‹β €β β ‡β ‡β €β žβ “β ‘β €β žβ “β Šβ β ›β Žβ €β Šβ €β §β β ‡β ₯β ‘β €β β •β Žβ žβ €β •β ‹β €β β ‡β ‡
  β Šβ €β ‡β •β •β …β €β Šβ β Žβ Šβ ™β ‘β €β β ½β Žβ ‘β ‡β ‹β €β β β ™β €β Žβ ‘β ‘
  β β ½β €β Ίβ •β —β ‡β ™β €β β β ™β €β …β β •β Ίβ €β žβ “β β žβ €β Šβ žβ €β Šβ Žβ €β ›β •β •β ™
  β ½β •β ₯β €β …β β •β Ίβ €β žβ “β β žβ €β Šβ €β Žβ “β •β ₯β ‡β ™

  ⠎β ₯β β ‘β —β Žβ žβ Šβ žβ Šβ •β ₯β Žβ €β ‰β ‘β β žβ ₯β —β ½
  β ™β Šβ ™β β „β žβ €β žβ Šβ β ‘β €β ›β •β €β Žβ ‡β •β Ί
  β Žβ ‘β β β —β β žβ Šβ β ›β €β Žβ β β Šβ žβ ½
  β Ίβ β žβ ‰β “β Šβ β ›β €β ‰β “β Šβ ‡β ™β —β ‘β β €β ›β —β •β Ί
  β Žβ ½β β ‰β “β —β •β β β žβ ‘β ™β €β ₯β β ™β ‘β —β žβ β …β ‘β —
  β Žβ β Šβ —β β ‡β €β Žβ …β Šβ ‘β Ž
  β Žβ Šβ ‡β §β ‘β —β €β Žβ “β Šβ β Žβ €β •β β €β β ‡β β Žβ β Šβ ‰β €β •β ‰β ‘β β β Ž
  β Šβ β €β ™β Šβ Žβ ›β ₯β Šβ Žβ ‘

  β •β ‹β €β β ‡β ‡β €β žβ “β ‘β €β žβ “β Šβ β ›β Žβ €β Šβ €β §β β ‡β ₯β ‘β €β β •β Žβ žβ €β Šβ β €β ‡β Šβ ‹β ‘
  β Šβ €β Žβ ‘β ‘β €β β ½β €β β ‘β β •β —β Šβ ‘β Žβ €β β β ™β €β ‹β ‘β ‘β ‡β €β žβ “β ‘β Šβ —β €β Ίβ β —β β žβ “
  β β β ™β €β …β β •β Ίβ €β žβ “β β žβ €β žβ “β ‘β ½β €β β —β ‘β €β ›β •β •β ™
  β ½β •β ₯β €β …β β •β Ίβ €β žβ “β β žβ €β Šβ €β Žβ “β •β ₯β ‡β ™

  β Ίβ β žβ ‰β “β Šβ β ›β €β ‘β ½β ‘β Žβ €β •β ‹β €β ‰β ‘β ‡β ‡β ₯β ‡β •β Šβ ™
  β žβ ‘β ‡β ‡β €β ½β •β ₯β €β “β •β Ίβ €β žβ •β €β ‡β Šβ §β ‘
  β β ‘β žβ β β “β •β —β Šβ ‰β €β β •β žβ •β —β €β —β ‘β β ‡β β ½
  β ›β Šβ §β ‘β ‚β €β ›β Šβ §β ‘β ‚β €β ›β Šβ §β ‘
  ⠇⠁β ₯β ›β “β žβ ‘β —β €β …β Šβ Žβ Žβ Šβ β ›β €β ‡β •β §β ‘β €β Šβ Žβ €β Žβ “β •β Ίβ Šβ β ›β €β β ‘β €β žβ “β ‘β €β Ίβ β ½
  β Žβ β Šβ —β β ‡β €β ‰β Šβ žβ ½β €β β —β ‰β “β Šβ žβ ‘β ‰β ž
  β Šβ €β ƒβ ₯β Šβ ‡β ™β ‚β €β ½β •β ₯⠀⠏⠁⠽

  β •β ‹β €β β ‡β ‡β €β žβ “β ‘β €β žβ “β Šβ β ›β Žβ €β Šβ €β §β β ‡β ₯β ‘β €β β •β Žβ žβ €β •β ‹β €β β ‡β ‡
  β Šβ €β ‡β •β •β …β €β ₯β β •β β €β β ½β €β ‘β β —β žβ “β €β β β ™β €β ‹β ‘β ‘β ‡β €β žβ “β ‘β €β Ίβ β —β β žβ “
  β β β ™β €β …β β •β Ίβ €β žβ “β β žβ €β Šβ žβ €β Šβ Žβ €β ›β •β •β ™
  β ½β •β ₯β €β …β β •β Ίβ €β žβ “β β žβ €β Šβ €β Žβ “β •β ₯β ‡β ™
  β ½β •β ₯β €β …β β •β Ίβ €β žβ “β β žβ €β Šβ €β Žβ “β •β ₯β ‡β ™
  β ½β •β ₯β €β …β β •β Ίβ €β žβ “β β žβ €β Šβ €β Žβ “β •β ₯β ‡β ™
  β ½β •β ₯β €β …β β •β Ίβ €β žβ “β β žβ €β Šβ €β Žβ “β •β ₯β ‡β ™
  β ½β •β ₯β €β …β β •β Ίβ €β žβ “β β žβ €β Šβ €β Žβ “β •β ₯β ‡β ™
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