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    Hello there! I'm an ex-skin creator from the 2013ish era that left the game due to the trials and tribulations of growing up.

    My schedule finally making itself less chaotic and Minecraft being revived thanks to the mysterious and nonsensical powers of YouTube have brought me back around. I'm hoping to stay for quite a bit longer than before and dip into structure building as it's an art that's always eluded me.

    My specialty in-game is Redstone and contraptions relating to it and I'm fond of Western animation out-of-game. I frequently draw and write for certain personal projects as well as experiment with many other hobbies such as 3D printing and computer building. I favor working with things that are related to electronics above all.

    My writing is generally anything of fiction with a lean for Low- to Mid-Fantasy. I'm very big on worldbuilding and lore refinement, this being a skill I use to DM one-shots occasionally in D&D5E.
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