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    Let's face it, no Ozocraft makes Minecraft hard to play and I don't think i'm alone in that thought. So through blood sweat and tears- learning how to texture, learning how to use blockbench and optifine, tedious issues with mob skins... finally, I have brought Ozocraft back from the dead!

    Tell your nearest Ozocraft fan that it's back baby!

    I know being a new account is strange, but I really was only updating the pack for myself, and in finishing it up, I decided to post it here so that anyone could use it, as I'm sure there are fans out there still hoping!

    Please Msg me if you have any issues with the pack such as a texture you don't like, or heck, maybe I missed something!


    As always, I take no credit! Merely a fan with too much time on her hands! ALL credit goes to The original Ozo himeself, and Dawn_TM for her hard work of bringing it to 1.14, making my job of carrying it to 1.18 that much easier!

    If you feel up to it, I have a Kofi, though I'll only post the link to it in the desc of the texture pack once it's released, so you only donate if you feel it's worthy!
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