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    aloe there

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    yes im candlevera i changed my name again because i feel an intense need to do that occasionally

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    Hi, I'm candypetal. Or candlevera. Or candycane. Or candle. Or candy. Or dumbblop mcblehface. I like pink, writing, and cute stuff. I'm also fond of plants, strawberries, and victorian style. And lots of other tihngs.

    When I'm not targeting gamers. Gamers., I enjoy crying blood as a response to pretty much anything, worldbuilding, writing stories, creating characters, and generally living within my head because this reality is hell incarnate and I want out.

    Beyond that, I enjoy playing games. There are too many I enjoy to list. My favorite is Child of Light.

    I am very interested in botanical science, biology in general, and various ecological studies. The concept of sustainability is fascinating to me and it's something I love thinking about and discussing. I also know a decent amount of survival skills and enjoy learning them for the same reasons sustainability interests me. I'm not one of those prepper people though. I just want to be able to make crumpets when the world ends.

    Oh, and crumpets are my favorite food. I guess we'll do that whole favorites thing now. Pastel pink is my favorite color. Coraline is probably my favorite movie. I've read too many books to pick favorites. Jazz and classical music of most genres is pretty rad. My favorite flavor of doritos is Bill Cipher, my favorite overwatch hero is Ana, and my favorite invasive and highly toxic species of plant is Heracleum mantegazzianum.

    Chaotic Good/Two Bears High Fiving/Followers of the Apocalypse/Mechromancer/Horde/Beanslinger/Dathomiri/Bal Molagmer/
    Twin Lamps/Still not bitten/I never was/And you left me out here to die/Vwoo yawl telyenoo, vwoo yawl kyawvyenhawk!

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