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    • catlungs
      March 1, 2020, 7:39 pm to Public
      Hi guys.

      I've realized that its pretty hard to keep promises, especially when theres a barrier blocking it.

      I've been busy in school recently, and i'm well aware that it's a shit excuse to use but oh well. So, ill be posting skins whenever I feel like doing them, and not doing them just because i have to. This is my own choice and I hope you'll all respect it

      Another thing, i've deleted all of the other skins related to furries in general. I am past that phase and honestly cringe when I look at them lol. Plus people on discord are finding out who I am and... Yeah it's not very good haha

      Anyways, thanks for understanding. (for those wondering, I had some dropping grades that needed to be fixed, but now i'm back in business :>)
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    whats poppin
    i'm an american student who had started making skins 10 months ago.
    commissions are open regularly, and i try to put as much effort as i can to make your idea into a skin.
    i hope you enjoy my work, if you like it, subscribers are appreciated.
    Note 12/25/19: I know I haven't been making skins. I'll start up again, I promise!
    Discord: ust#6920
    .~'*'~. .~'*'~. .~'*'~. .~'*'~. .~'*'~. .~'*'~. .~'*'~. .~'*'~. .~'*'~. .~'*'~. .~'*'~. .~'*'~. .~'*'~.
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