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    This section here will contain whatever I'm working on regarding mods and such.
    I'll try to keep it updated. These will be put in order of my priorities from highest to lowest.

    Entirely remaking Darksteel.

    Remaking everything for Darksteel. Including models, textures, ect.
    Also, the most recent version for Darksteel is on MCreator.

    That's all at this particular moment.
  • About

    Yo, it is I. Me.

    I'm just a me who likes to do mod stuff and things with MCreator.
    I also post on my accounts for MCreator and Curseforge.

    Planet Minecraft, MCreator, and CurseForge are currently the only sites I post to. Any other site containing my mods are not published by me. It isn't a big deal, but I want to make it clear that I'm not to be affiliated with those sites.

    I put the two ad things at the bottom of this page to support Planet Minecraft while also trying to keep the ads out of the way, to keep things neat, yknow?

    I dunno what else to put here.
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