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안녕하세요, 국내 1호 시각장애인 게임유튜버 사향입니다~

본 채널은 주 컨텐츠로 마인크래프트를 다루고 있습니다. PC, PE를 모두 아울러 각종 업데이트 소식, 유용한 꿀팁 등을 최대한 뻐르게 전달하려고 노력하고 있습니다.

마크 PC에서는 구조물 블록(structure block) 을 이용한 다양한 강좌를 진행하고 있으며 다양한 정르의 자작맵도 만들어 배포하고 있습니다.

Latest videos

  • How to Crawl Through 1 Block High Spaces Smoothly
    Wanna know a simple 1 command that can allow you to go through 1 high spaces without any tools? Check the video out! BGM Source: Follow me on Twitter:

    posted 01/15/2020 9:47 am

  • Random Mob Spawning Challenge Datapack
    Download Link: This datapack randomizes every mob spawning rule so that, for example, there's a chance for a wither to spawn inste...

    posted 11/13/2019 6:30 am

  • Issues and oddities with the new combat snapshot v3
    Alright, here we go again. The odd sweeping edge effect hasn't been fixed, and there are some new things to check out! Download the Combat Test Snapshot V3:

    posted 11/05/2019 1:49 am

  • ChestBoats Datapack
    Download Link: Experience the new chestboats before they get added officially! This datapack adds the ability for chest and hopper minecarts to ride b...

    posted 09/28/2019 1:26 am

  • Can Bee nests spawn other mobs? (Minecraft Snapshot 19w35a)
    The new bee nest block in Minecraft snapshot 19w35a can store the data of the bees it contains, so I decided to test if I can put other entities in the nest instead using commands. BGM Source: https...

    posted 08/29/2019 7:50 am

  • Sweeping Edge testing on the new 2nd Combat Snapshot
    Previous snapshot testing video: Download link: B...

    posted 08/17/2019 6:37 am

  • Sweeping Edge testing on the new Combat Snapshot
    I've been making my saved toolbars as useful as possible and stumbled upon wierd oddities on the sweeping edge Enchantment. Download Combat snapshot:

    posted 08/10/2019 3:16 am

  • Naming Book Datapack
    Download Link: NO Anvils! NO XP costs! NO Extra Resources! This is a datapack that adds an alternate way to rename items. All you need are a book an...

    posted 08/02/2019 5:18 am

  • Villager Hopper Datapack Trailer
    Download link: This is a datapack that lets you take items out of villagers' inventories via a hopper or hopper minecart. All you have to do is ju...

    posted 05/26/2019 4:06 am

  • Lectern Dial Datapack
    Download Link: This datapack, or rather, this book, is designed to jump from any page to any other page. This can be useful in redstone circuits sinc...

    posted 05/19/2019 6:59 am



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