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    - A B O U T M E -

    Hello everyone! My name is claire and I create skins. I also enjoy coding and designing so I may create texture packs or mods in the future, but as for now, I only do skins.

    - A B O U T M Y S K I N S -

    My skins are mostly designs I come up with that are inspired partly by skins and OCs I see. Some of them are my own OCs (if they are not, I credit). I also do requests for people. You can tell me the exact thing you want (ex. this specific character from this videogame), or you can just describe it for me and I will do it for you!
    If you're curious on the types of skins you will be seeing from me, my favorite colors are blue and yellow (the first being blue), so most of my skins will be of those colors. I also enjoy otherworldly/fantasy themes.

    Do not take my skins and claim them as yours. You can use them and edit them as you like. If you decide to publish after editing, please give credit where needed. Thanks, and I hope you all enjoy using my skins!
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