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Inactive but I'm active on Discord, so if any business, meet me there
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    Name's Arsham. I'm right now 19 years old and my health is in perfect 193 Fahrenheit degre- I MEAN, in perfect condition.

    Right now I'm a university student that studies Computer Engineering. So yeah, I'm getting my engines started with C#. But maybe even more programming languages in next months!

    I'm a experienced Animator. Got along with Mine Imator (Because it's perfect for basics! for now though). sometimes I create models and textures for animating and also often create fan art for peoples (But no requests though I can accept).

    Also I create skins too! but nowadays rarely.

    In addition, I'm a memologist too (like a field for memes?) and got a great sense of humor. so if you like memes too, you're in the right profile! I love telling jokes!

    So, Thanks for taking your time in here, now GO LIVE YOUR LIFE NICELY! Time is running out ;3

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