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    Hello there, I am Cosix101! :D

    I am a huge fan of comics, movies, and shows, which means you will find me mostly making content on those. My main interests specifically are Star Wars, Marvel, DC, The Boys, Rick & Morty, and Super Mario Bros Z.


    The only rule I have for my skin is that you do not reupload them without permission, even if they have any edits. If you use my skin in a project (Ex: video, photo, etc), then please make sure to credit me.


    I appreciate you greatly for checking out my page and would be very grateful if you were to subscribe, diamond, and favorite my content, thank you!

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    •{The Almighty Cosix | OC}•
    •{Stan Lee}•
    •{Iron Man ~ Classic | Marvel Comics}•
    •{Iron Man ~ Mk.1 | MCU}•
    •{Captain America ~ Classic | Marvel Comics}•
    •{Captain America ~ Avenger | MCU}•
    •{Captain America ~ Nomad | MCU}•
    •{Thor Odinson ~ Classic | Marvel Comics}•
    •{Thor Odinson ~ Love & Thunder | MCU}•
    •{The Incredible Hulk ~ Classic | Marvel Comics}•
    •{Hawkeye (Clint Barton) ~ Classic | Marvel Comics}•
    •{Hawkeye (Clint Barton) | MCU}•
    •{Black Widow ~ Classic | Marvel Comics}•
    •{Spider-Man ~ Classic | Marvel Comics}•
    •{Spider-Man ~ Symbiote}•
    •{Spider-Man ~ Stark Suit | MCU}•
    •{Spider-Man ~ Upgraded Suit}•
    •{Spider-Man ~ Integrated Suit}•
    •{Spider-Man (Peter Parker) | Insomniverse}•
    •{Peter B. Parker / Hobo Spider-Man | Into the Spider-Verse}•
    •{Spider-Man (Miles Morales) | Insomniverse}•
    •{Black Panther ~ Civil War | MCU}•
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