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    Hello, fellow Minecrafters!

    Ever since I was a little, innocent 10 year old boy, Minecraft has always been something I wanted to do great things in.

    Now that I am a teenager and I am free to prove to all my classmates playing a computer game such as this one does not mean that I am a total loser with no life. Contrary to my generation's belief, I believe that Minecraft is not a "terrible" or "childish" video game. It is a way of expression, where one can use his/her imagination to build anything they've ever dreamed of. If you're a thinking about quitting Minecraft due to some societal peer pressure, don't do it. Don't let anyone counter your building dreams.

    If they tell you that playing this game makes you a worse person, be like me, who will probably shove his medical degree in their face in a decade's time.

    Keep on Building!




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