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  • ♦ About Me

    ~ Redesigned my profile because it looked too depressing ~

    >>> They/Them <<<

    ♥ Mentally dating Crona ♥
    Precious Child -- > < -- Precious Child
    I mean.. Just look at them. ♥ I want to snuggle them and watch cheesy movies in the winter with a blanket around us both.

    Call me A.

    Here's why

    Okay, okay.
    People call me A because I'm Asexual, Aromantic, and Agender.
    You can call me Triple-A if you want. xD

    Before you "gripe" about me being aromantic but liking fictional characters: 1.) It's my life. 2.) I'm no attracted to real people. Blame anxiety or some personal experiences but I like fictional characters. Please do not fight me on this. Respect me and I will respect you too.

    GIF Dump

    Will add more later~

    My dorky ships
    Kaneki x Hide
    Yato x Yukine
    Levi x Clorox x Tide
    Armin x Historia
    Tamaki x Haruhi
    Me x Crona heheheh.........

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    To-Do list:
    1.) Remember how to skin
    2.) Actually skin

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  • Just some stuff

    So I'm really inactive

    I have life n school n stuff
    so I apologize for that.


    Don't steal my skins. I shouldn't have to say this. Do not edit my skins and post them anywhere. You may keep them in your computer's/phone's/flash drive's personal files.
    Do not upload my content on any other website either. Or app. Thank you.

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