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    Well well well, hello! My name is DaToasty. You can call me Toasty, Toast, or by my name Adrian however.
    I'm a 16yr old guy from the beautiful Brisbane, Australia. I live with my parents, and my cute little hamster, Fred.

    I'm not too interesting to be honest. I spend my days chatting away with friends, playing Minecraft, eating,
    you think of it, I'm probably doing it. Unless its exercise. Eww.

    I've played Minecraft since I was 8, so I've really grew up with the game, having played on the really early versions
    all the way to the present with all the mods and stuff that makes Minecraft different today.
    I've also got into servers more, starting by just playing minigames on the weekends with friends on The Hive,
    to helping my friends server out, and sooner or later I might apply for a server or even own one! Yaay!
    I also have a creative side to myself. I'm learning how to do digital art, and I can code quite a lot,
    things such as websites. I'm always learning of course, right now I'm learning how to make plugins!!

    If you guys are reading this sentence, I'd like to thank you for actually reading. So yeah, thanks.
    ~ DaToasty :)
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