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    Hello! I am just a regular Minecraft player who occasionally makes Minecraft maps. Unfortunately, they are not very high-quality and professional most of the time, but I do hope at least someone enjoys them. I do not expect to make any kind of profit from these maps, and there are no advertisements or links to ad-infested websites. If you want to support me, please subscribe to my YouTube channel, ItsDavidGordiienko. (I might make a separate gaming channel in the future but I don't know about that yet we'll see) the link is here if you need it: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClnrBCyf2Wmb2I7lbWLfxAw If you would like to see my other social media accounts, visit https://davidgordiienko.wixsite.com/davidgsociallinks for my social media links. The website does not have any ads and I did not add any cookies. Whatever stuff Wix puts on there by default is all that's on there. If you want to add me on Xbox, my gamertag is DiamondMiner535. I mostly play either my survival world or with my cousin in Ukraine, TimaPvP33, though. I hope you enjoy my maps and if you want you can give me interesting ideas for maps. I would appreciate it. My cousin is good with commands so he could help if I need it. Have a good day.
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