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    • Duvin
      September 30, 2017, 7:10 pm to Public
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      Duvin said 2017-10-14 15:12:22
      Requests are Currently Open! also I Understand that the Lulu Skin looks a little strange. lol I'm Very sorry i couldn't add her Green skirt. Maybe i'll do Poppy or Lux next. all though. Please keep in mind. the star guardians are very Hard to make. Mostly they're Outfits. ;o; Jinx was my first. and She was easy Because i crammed alot of detail Into her.. But For lulu it just Didn't Work because of How long her hair Had to me. And the Bangs aswell. All though i'll Try to make Poppy,lux,janna and perhaps Ahri. Have alot of detail. ;w; Also i might not Be starting on The 2017 Star guardians yet. Just because i prefer the old ones more. All though i respect everyones Opinions.! ;w; As For teen skins. maybeee?? idk It depends on the skins. i'll make oc's but if there very complicated and hard I Don't think ill make them. I'll make skins for anime and games i like such as, Undertale,LeagueOfLegends,Perhaps rainbow six siege. as for anime ,MadokaMagica,FairyTail,BlueExorcist,The Devil is a part timer. Please Message me for requests! or Comment on this Post. ;w; ♥Duvin




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