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I initially joined to stop and prevent further theft of my builds from multiplayer servers. After a bit of time I've begun to upload more and more, experimenting with new styles and giving myself evaluation. It's a bit of fun and I certainly do enjoy building in my spare time. Feel free to leave feedback on my work as it does help spark some creative thought.

What do I prefer to build?
I do have a preference for Airships right now. Hulls and balloons fascinate me. As such I am looking to build/revise more airships and maybe spaceships in the future. In addition to this I want to start experimenting with more underwater geology and sea-side landscapes. Minecraft does have a severe lack of variety and abundance of bore when it comes to oceans.

What sort of build styles do I focus on?
I try not to limit myself. If I build with another builder or come into a build half way through then I will do my best to match that build style. Though my strong building suites are:
- Medieval Fantasy (Wood & Stone)
- Underworld (Netherrack, Obsidian & other dead blocks)
- Coloured blocks (Wools, Clay, Glass)
- Terraforming

Do I build for servers?
I do build for servers but understand due to the limited nature of my time I can only do so on a part time basis. You are of course welcome to drop me a line about such things. I can work well within a team, but I need to be able to communicate with the team actively to do so. This means either some form of live chat lobby or a share drive for leaving build plans, notes & messages.

Do I build for contests?
I do enjoy a good building contest! Hosting or competing. Understand that again schedule comes into play, but if you have a build contest running hit me up! :)

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