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Hello, I love memes, anime (especially One Piece, also feel free to ask me some recommendations, I know a few kinda hidden gems), drawing, shipping, games and all your average member of society probably doesn't enjoy, tho welcome to my profile, I'm a skin creator, and only used to use colors that end on 5 or 0 on the hue, saturation and lightness, but then I stopped because it's stupid and limits my color palette. Also, did I mention that I draw? The pic bellow is from my dA account, feel free to check it and tell me what you think of my drawings. I had a folder on my computer containing over 420 distinctive pepes, but I deleted it because my PC needed some space. I enjoy reddit, and look through 4chan once a year (but not /b/ or /pol/, I don't exactly enjoy that stuff).
And now I'm running out of things to tell about myself, welp, life's boring, I post joke skins sometimes. Also learned how to speak english through Minecraft servers. Thank you, good bye.

Also, here are a few things I like and dislike, if you scrolled down here:
The good stuff:
- Sweets, I'm a major sweet tooth, don't steal my candy or I'll game end you.
- Fruits and veggies, and I'm not even doing it to stay healthy, food's real good when you spice things up with different things.
-Talking about spice, I loooove spicy food, and I handle it pretty well, but Idk if I could handle a ghost pepper.
- Sometimes being alone brings me comfort, not always, mind you, but every once in a while I just like being by myself.
- I love creating character designs, it's so fun I can barely handle my excitement when someone asks me to redesign something.
- Give me that Vocaloid juice babyyy
- I enjoy swimming, it's fun, water good.
- Some other stuff not to be mentioned in a family friendly site.

The stuff that stinks:
- Bugs, every single one of them minus butterflies (If they get close to me they are added).
- Spiders, creepy crawlies suck.
- Yoga, massages and meditating, I can't get into it, it just makes me nervous and stressed out.
- I can't get myself to like Dragon Ball, I know it's probably the most popular anime ever, but that's a no for me chief.
- I can't handle blood, at all, if it's mine, Idc, but if it's somebody's I freak out, same thing with sicknesses.

That's probably it, but I may have forgotten something, if I remember I'll add it here.

Also, I'm hetero and not a trap. Plus I'm not legal in most countries, so keep that in mind.

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