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    Welcome to Gamers Cafe! Centralized in Grand Rapids, Michigan but reaching even across the seas, this server strives to create a community to accommodate all sorts of play-styles. While mainly being a PvE server, we host a PvP arena for those itching to swing their swords and shoot down worthy opponents. Not enough mobs for your warrior needs? Hit up the mob arena to hone your skills on waves of opponents and bosses. Adding some flair, we feature the mcMMO plugin to expand your every day activities to even acrobatics for better jumping! Our claims are protected by the golden shovel plugin and allow you to trust your friends to promote a safe community. Our friendly staff is here if there are any questions so feel free to reach out on discord.gg/cqUYWuD! See you soon!

    Minecraft: play.gamerscafe.space

    Website: gamerscafe.space
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