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    Hey there everyone!

    Im quite a new member on PMC, even though I browsed the site for skins a couple of times in the past. I decided to make an account and join this website soon after the transition of Minecraft Forum to a state of read-only archive was announced. I hope other members of my former community will also migrate here...

    So, about me... My name is John and I was born in 1996. Im a physics student from Greece. I have been playing Minecraft since... more than eight years ago, maybe more. Minecraft has always been a getaway place for me, where I cought relax and lighten up, away from everyday stress. Throughout the years I have made many friends in this game, and had tons of very fun experiences.

    What I like doing in Minecraft is mainly building. I have been joining fantasy roleplaying servers when I was younger, that was very fun! Now I usually find a nice location to settle down and try to build something cozy and pleasing to the eye. I like it when I am building around other people, its a great experience to recieve compliments and share some ideas, especialy when I see them spreading on the surrounding buildings!

    I have been going around by the names Gi, Dago Sirensis/Nightbringer, Yoru Kurai, and of course GiannisF_77. If there is anyone I have played with in the past, I would be ecstatic to meet you up and play again, for old times sake!

    So, I guess thats about it. See you around, friends!
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