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I love tearing people's bodies apart
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    We will all die and we can't do anything about it. You know why we will die? _________ laughter _______ death is something you cannot _____ laugh ____________ laughter __________ despair _ _________ can I tell you a joke__ the devil goes to the store ______________________ buys a dead fetus for you_ takes the knife ________________________yes____________ laughskill yourself please for two decades ___________________________________________________________________________________ Have you ever had depression? __________ I lost my humanity ______________________________________________________ I am no longer a human ________________________ I am not a demon ___________ them ........__________________________________________________I'm everyone's nightmare _____________________________ good night ___________am_funny_____________________________________________i_make_people_____suffer___________________________________________________________yes__________happy________________________________________________________________________________________please_____________help__me_____________________________________yes
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      I like to sleep all day :)
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