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  • .。.:*♡ how do i download friends ♡*:.。.

    "Shall I stay? Would it be a sin? I can't help falling in love with you."
    max / astro | he / him | 14 | senpai | my face ew

    hi! im max. im a trans dude from australia.
    uhm yeah. i really like voltron, homestuck and pyrocynical,, i guess. if you have any videos on mountains/volcanoes/the ocean/space that feature a cute little animation, send it to me!! i've probably already seen it but i'm always up for watching it again :) that's honestly my whole personality. so like have fun. this account is trash.
    i also scribble sometimes as well.

    fun fact: i triggered tana mongeau!

    everything skin is open, apart from requests. i don't skin much, but if you want to talk to me a good place to find me is my deviantart!

  • .。.:*♡ sometimes i sit and think ♡*:.。.

  • .。.:*♡ sometimes i just sit ♡*:.。.

    deviantart - kagazzle
    tumblr - striderless
    youtube - max maryam
    instagram - @toxiicpersonality

    im usually more active on my deviantart and instagram, so if you need anything please send me something! <33

    if you play a random g note i will actually start sobbing, dont remind me of the death of mcr </3

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