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    • IcarianPrince
      June 8, 2017, 2:27 pm to Public
      Heyy I need help
      does anyone recognize these kiddos?

      I swear someone from here made em, their art style looks familiar at least
      b ut I need to talk to em about a thing so if you recognize these or think the art style looks like something someone you know would do just hmu here please
      LouLovesAll said 2017-06-17 03:08:54
      It's sad to see that for others happiness yours has to be destroyed ;n; you're a great skinner/Artist and deserve to show it! But when people start using your things like this i can imagine how frustrating it must be. I'm really aorry you have to deal with all this nonsense. Humans can be so gross. Rip, don't let foolish mortal actions like this stop you from doing something you like (lmao,i'ma assume u like skinning) your skins deserve to be seen! They're amazing! (P.s if you're getting like....frustration while skinning then continue your brake, the skins u make seem like they take a lot of effort!)

      ~best wishes <333
      Dysphoria said 2017-06-11 22:54:03
      I personally just traced this image back on google and no results but total drama island, no i don't think theyre alive anymore, sorry :\
    • IcarianPrince
      May 12, 2017, 12:04 pm to Public
      @whoever's using my bf's name on Instagram rn,
      I wrote a haiku for you

      art theft's super gross
      don't touch me or my boyfriend
      or our stuff again

      legit if you wanna be an art account, but feel like you need to steal to validate yourself cause you don't think your art's good enough or wanna be like someone else or whatever the heck the reason is
      there's something seriously wrong there
      like just ask for help if you wanna get better, theft and impersonation are the cowardly path here
      oH AND
      if you're just doing this to get at me or my friends or both then?? what u doin
      you're just not worth my time in that case cause sure you can steal our names and our art
      but you can't steal our talents and we'll just keep being us and being happy w what we do knowing you can try, but you really just can't take our ability to make cute things n be dorks together
      like if anything you're just taking away that whole portion of your life you've spent trying to ((be cool?? make people upset?? who knows)) and thrown it away
      that's a real winner right there guys

      I'm almost positive I know who you really are by name sir, so yknow
      one wrong move n I'll man the war cannons!!
      also thanks for removing the pic of my werewolf boy, though the blocking me was kinda weird
      kinda shows you're the one who has something to hide here :')
      from here on out I'm gonna just report you whenever you try to steal my stuff again, til you jump to your next acc or somethin
      you've gotta get tired of hurting people at some point right?
      I've never understood thieves n impersonators, like why bother that's too much effort
      I'd rather sleep thanks

      but yE SORRY
      I have zero way of contacting this kid rn and I needed to scream a bit so I can go on w my life cause this kid's kinda not a big deal to me at all, though they still need to learn that jumping from person to person and impersonating them doesn't make them that powerful
      like cmon stop hiding silly
      he upset Elliot though so I'm gonna heckin fight for as long as I can
      angelbutterflyy said 2017-05-14 11:25:23
      owh, just saw this--
      I saw that dude on ig and i was like "wait-- why is this guy posting eddy's art??" and I saw the name and I was totally shocked??? and then I wanted to message them and ask if they were really elliot then i saw that it was better to just tell elliot???

      i'm so sorry that elliot's upset though. that dude was hella nasty.
      CrimsonStitches said 2017-05-12 19:39:35
      When someone upsets your bf/gf/partner

      scream all you like and call ur army boi.
      abeille said 2017-05-12 17:39:06
      You need to stop putting the fire back into me boy, I might burn up.

      that was pretty inspiring though, I can tell why your boyfriend stays with you c;
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    • IcarianPrince
      April 27, 2017, 6:16 pm to Public
      Bit of a psa since apparently this is still happening (not necissarily on-site but I figured since this is where my largest audience is I'd talk here first), BUT

      I am NOT ok with anyone using any of my
      -characters (especially Seren)

      for ANYTHING
      no ifs ands or buts
      if you're reading this just comment with an oc ref and I'll doodle a super quick thing cause I'm bored and feel bad for getting grumpy again
      if I didn't make it for you, you have absolutely no right to use it
      pretty simple rule to follow!!

      this doesn't apply ot my skins since they're all uploaded for everyone to use, but lemme specify that too

      only use my skins in game, don't upload them anywhere, even if you edit them
      I don't care why you'd want to reupload them
      just don't!!

      tl;dr don't heckin use my characters as your profile pic anywhere or my art as your yt banner and yes I mean you thanks

      I'm tired of dealin w this garbage so tbh if I catch wind of anyone using my stuff like this anymore I'm just blocking you and pretending you don't exist cause it kinda hurts a lot :')
      Prxfesor said 2017-06-06 20:22:51
      *le gasp* A total excuse to get art from the one and only lovely Eddy!? SIGN ME UP BIACH! im sorry, your art is my complete drug so excuse me if my pester annoys you  But I agree, and I use to be one susceptable to doing this with you but when you specifically coached me about it being ok to work off someone's style to then grasp the concept of art and develop your own, it really helped me.. so thanks boi h e ck -w- Your art has been a mAJOR inspiration for me ever since I followed you when you first started out posting. It's just so clean and vibrant and fluffy and aaagh I just can't d eal! So ye, you tell those idiots that this was something you stressed yourself out to make for people and make them happy because oh boy do they make me happy when I see youve posted something new ;w; You keep being you Edster
      Monotone said 2017-05-07 15:42:02
      holy hEck I saw this 9 days late cause PMC doesn't notify replies to replies on wallposts but that is hECKIN aweSOME thank you ;v;
      IcarianPrince said 2017-04-28 19:42:06
      how d a r e you
      I'm not that heckin small sm h
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    • IcarianPrince
      March 28, 2017, 12:53 pm to Public
      On a brighter note, I actually drew my fallout kid for the first time in ages!!
      this started off as a big ol vent doodle, but kinda turned into me actually doing something w one of my characters for once aha
      the anatomy's super off, and so is the perspective I'm sure, but tbh I'm still v happy with how it turned out so that's ok!!

      Jazzy said 2017-04-03 01:38:36
      The deathclaw poker himself
      CRUNG SAUCE ULOUS said 2017-03-31 07:09:18
      why is there only 1 comment
      Beverly said 2017-03-28 18:01:45
      He looks smashing! :D
    • IcarianPrince
      March 28, 2017, 4:09 am to Public
      Mmm I don't think I'll be skinning anymore, or at least not for a long while
      I'm sick of being told that I'm not the creator of my own skins, or that I don't have the right to ask people not to reupload/to remove skins of mine they've reuploaded
      and I'm especially sick of being made out to be this horrible monster who ruins people's lives because I sometimes get mad when people yell at me after I've asked them *politely* (or as politely as I can muster) to remove stolen works of mine.
      Yes this is 100% about skinseed, and some individuals who I won't name because, unlike them apparently, I don't want to see an army of people go after them and scream about how horrible they are, even though this is what they seem to be aiming for aha
      tbh that's not the reason I'm gonna be taking a break though, I'm just tired of being scared of uploading anything to here, as it more often than not just leads to immediate theft, which
      is a disgusting habbit that people (and apparently more often children) have decided to pick up just so that they can be cool or something
      I don't wanna feed into that, or be no the brink of a panic attack every time I upload anymore
      so I'm just not gonna upload anything for a while
      problem solved!!

      also sorry for his long rambly nonsense, I had to get this out of my system
      even though it's like
      1 am already
      IcarianPrince said 2017-04-08 15:07:14
      H eck I'm sorry I haven't replied to anymore of the comments on here, so I'm just gonna say once that I really appreciate everyone's support about this ;;
      I'm already way more relaxed after making this decision, andseeing that everyone's at least somewhat on board w it is super comforting, so thank you guys ;v;<3
      Jazzy said 2017-03-30 00:11:57
      Looks like you're just too good for to them ;'^)
      Nyloa said 2017-03-29 09:28:52
      honestly after i stopped skinning i felt so much better not being constantly stressed out abt making skins and people stealing them etc etc.

      you might feel bad for quitting for a while but trust me it helps so much n just know whatever you decide to do we will always respect your descision

      ps: skinseed is TRASH the ppl on there suck
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  • I'll add more support stamps when my friends start usin em again!!
    if you aren't up here please don't get upset, I'm doin this super late at night and tbh I'm too lazy to look for more rn oOPS

    I don't have any other accounts than the ones listed below:

    DeviantArt - star-stickers
    Skinseed - IcarianPrince
    Toyhou.se - IcarianPrince
    Ask.fm - edphoric (inactive)
    Recolour.me - Star Boy (inactive)
    + some backup accounts on skinseed that I won't name so I can be sneaky

    if you find any others, just block them immediately and ask me about it. If they aren't me, just ignore them cause they're mean and also not me.
    If they keep tryna be me, whatever
    sorry kids you're not me no matter what you post

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