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    I am Instantout. I am good With Building and anything that has to do with servers. This includes Configs, Plugins, Setting up a bungee/Spigot Server.

    Plugins & Software that I'm Familiar With (for building):

    - World Edit

    - McEdit

    - World Painter

    - Voxel Sniper

    I Like to build many types of designs and work with the latest of Minecraft blocks.

    I Do also look at the wiki time to time so yea.

    If anyone has more questions about me you can PM me also I'm 22-23 at the moment.

    If you ever want me to rate your server pm me aswell, i like to talk alot, and be interactive with other players that love minecraft.
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    • Instantout
      November 24, 2019, 1:15 am to Public
      In the close future I will be locking/Limiting Some Resource Packs also Data-packs. The Overview will become "Show and Tell" on PMC (Planet Minecraft).

      This will mean no Downloads.
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    I do beta Testing, as well as created Plugin configs and such on my free time, so I'm thinking of Putting it here besides Spigot

    These are examples they include, Also recommended plugins.
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